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The FreeTheNipple campaign has bringing out the best and worst in everyone in recent years, with a GOP bill in New Hampshire that's trying to ban women's nipples now on the naughty list. There are actually quite a few states where it's OK for women to go toplessNew Hampshire included currently, at least ; however, if passed, this new bill would qualify bare breasts and nipples in public as indecent exposure and lewdness — the one exception being women who are breastfeeding. How generous of them! Policing women's bodies is nothing new, but the gross double standard of the acceptance of male nipples and the rejection of female ones never ceases to amaze me. Nipples are nipples.


You can always count on feminists to create oppression where none exists. Such is the case with the "Free the nipple" campaign, which was denied a legal victory by the Supreme Court on Monday. The case involves three women arrested for being topless near Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire in Since each apparently viewed exhibitionism as some "brave" fight against the evils of the patriarchy, the women took it to court.

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On appeal, the matter went to the highest court in the land where, thankfully, the justices declined to entertain such gendered nonsense. A century ago this August, females in the United States were officially granted the right to vote with the 19th Amendment.


Allowing for true equality of opportunity by way of voting will always stand as a win. It was first-wave feminism that spurred on this change. Unfortunately, successive generations have sullied the history of the women's movement with their growing hysteria. This case is a perfect example.

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As reportedtheir collective claims were weak from the start. If there's anything that adherents of third-wave feminism can't abide, it's acknowledging that males and females are inherently different. Though this diversity is of the complementary kind, modern-day feminists see only red and have made it their mission to fight for a kind of sameness that is utterly impossible. The three women who violated the ordinance, which was already well-established in the city of Laconia, only wanted to be treated like men.

Making a movie about nudity is not easy.

But the obvious reality is, they were. An ideology that loudly celebrates the uniqueness of women while at the same time demanding to be viewed as biologically indistinguishable from men should not be given deference. The Supreme Court made the correct decision in denying them a chance to appear and deferring to the lower court's fair ruling. There is more in addition to the willful ignorance on display as it relates to the specifics of the case.

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These women show just how outrageously privileged they are as American feminists. Not only do they follow in the footsteps of legitimate trailblazers, but they also exist during a time when women in other parts of the world experience true oppression and violence based solely on gender. In other countries, females are barred from driving or appearing in public without a male relative, required to cover themselves entirely, or worse, forced to undergo female genital mutilation.

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Complaining about the inability to "free the nipple" on a public beach in New Hampshire is as first-world as it gets. And yet, this feminist crowd continues to claim sexism at every turn because they are primarily in the grievance business. It remains to be seen what the modern-day feminist movement will campaign for next. On top of necessary equality, when it comes to voting, property ownership, and employment and wage rights, women are allowed the legally protected "right" of abortion.

As we can see, feminists have become bored with their abundance of freedoms and continue the crusade we see before us today.

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But make no mistake, it is far removed from the just victories of the past. Beltway Confidential.

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Washington Secrets. Among the legal arguments made by the women is that any law that punishes women for exposing their breasts while allowing men to go shirtless violates the Constitution's 14th Amendment, which requires that laws be applied equally to everyone. The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that the ordinance did not discriminate against women, noting that it bars nudity of both men and women. The different definition of what constitutes nudity is based on 'the traditional understanding of what constitutes nudity,' that court concluded.

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Gender Issues. Supreme Court.

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Clothing and nudity laws in the u.s.

Shortly after crashing the maskless, indoor reception of the wedding D. Mayor Muriel Bowser officiated, I soon found that it hurt to swallow. I couldn't sleep without relentless sneezing and coughing waking me up, or type without brain fog.

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A grating headache forced me to close my eyes and put an ice pack to my brow line. Online marketplaces boost small businesses. Congress wants to overregulate them Jake Ward. Our economy is struggling to recover from the pandemic.

‘free the nipple’ activists appeal to supreme court after arrests

Companies are understaffed, and the cost of doing business is rising. Against this backdrop, Congress is advancing its latest anti-tech legislation, the INFORM Consumers Act, which threatens to stifle small businesses' recovery by introducing new regulations on online sellers and marketplaces. Forty years later, what would Reagan think? Rep Vern Buchanan. Forty years ago, on Aug. Who are Democrats fighting for?

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James Spears, the father of Britney Spears, agreed he would eventually step down as conservator of the pop star's estate. Gavin Newsom still doesn't get what's happening in California Zachary Faria. California Gov. Multiple Phoenix police officers have been disciplined after an independent report found more than a dozen Black Lives Matter protesters were charged with gang-related activity despite a lack of "credible" evidence.

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You might remember the freethenipple protests from this past summer; endorsed by Scout Willis, Chelsea Handler, and Miley Cyrus, Free The Nipple fights for the rights of women to go topless in public, a narrow ask with larger implications about gender equality.


The movement challenges the convention that men are allowed to be topless in public while it is considered indecent or sexual for women to do the same.


In the United States , states have primary jurisdiction in matters of public morality.