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No religious zealots need apply. So just how do you find the vegetarian love of your life? Terry Jensen, a matchmaker for 12 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who also happens to be vegan, confirms that veggies do meet and marry, and counsels that success in meeting a match is directly proportional to effort. How important is it for veg people to have a veg mate? Will strict vegans compromise diet and lifestyle for the sake of romance? Where do single vegetarians go to meet potential partners?


Vegan dating: the search for a unicorn

Imagine you are looking on Craigslist for a vehicle. You want to know the body style, make, model, year, mileage, interior and exterior colors, amenities, and price, AND be able to see multiple pictures before contacting the seller. You find someone who you think is attractive, friendly, funny, and then. Surely resorting to online dating would take care of all those frustrations, right?

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The selection there is. I quickly realized the pitfalls of Match. I always have an extensive bio, a. Even the ones that do say they are supportive always have their limits. Sorry, buddy, my money covers tofu or vegetables dishes vegan dating Utah, preferably just the vegetables so it will be cheaper. He was upset about it for a minute, but in my defense he lived close to the restaurant and I had driven an hour to get there.

He could go back and enjoy chicken on his dime. Another classic instance was the guy who pushed the food around on his plate during the candlelight dinner I had cooked for him. It quickly escalated into how he could never be vegan and nothing he could do would make him good enough for me. How convenient to be able to filter through an entire country of people just by typing in five letters, right?

My hopes were sky high until I scanned some bios. Fine, whatever, not a big deal.

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But then. I hope someone at Match. I have actually dated one person I met in vegan dating Utah life since I moved to South Carolina in December I had a great first date with him and found out that he had rheumatoid arthritis. By the end of the third date I had the courage to ask his views on religion vegan dating Utah children, and they matched mine! I soon after began educating him on how eating an alkaline diet may improve his symptoms and offered to prepare kale for him.

That was around the same time that I began training for my first figure competition. I enjoyed the process so much that I not only vowed to continue, but that I would hold out for my own vegan bodybuilder, dang it. It was really nice to take a break from endlessly searching through the close-minded SC wasteland and focus on building some big ole plant built muscles. I received an from someone who was 25, cute, fit and local with an exercise science degree same as mine who was also.

I talked to him a bit before meeting him, and he seemed easy to talk to. He was drastically smaller than what his pictures showed, and I was quite certain that at four inches taller than me he weighed less than I did. I could overlook that, I just made a mental note to not break any bones by hugging him. Nope, so there was no reason to entertain that it might work because of a shared moral code. My next big venture was to long-distance date a vegan bodybuilder. Infatuation took over and I allowed myself to quickly become the one putting in more effort and giving him a pass on all his negative qualities.

He decided to end it because of the distance, but I was able to see soon after that he was doing me a favor. I thought dating had been ruined for me until or if I was able to find another vegan to date.

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I think I may have struck a balance in how to advertise myself. There is no ignoring the fact that I am vegan and damn proud of it.

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I make myself approachable, though, and take opportunities to politely educate and encourage when I can. Being a successful vegan bodybuilder is my top priority right now, and finding someone who is supportive of a competitor lifestyle can be just as hard as finding someone who is supportive of a vegan one.

I use social media not as a way to push veganism on everyone, but to simply show how healthy and strong I am and how wonderful my life is because of it. I am choosing to adopt the same philosophy now with dating. I am going to search for people who have the qualities I want, vegan dating Utah as a little bit of nerdiness overshadowed by obscure humor and an infectious laugh, and let veganism be a question mark for a bit.

I will cook my secret candlelight dinners, wow him with vegan desserts, talk about the health and fitness benefits, make him a part of my bodybuilding journey, and maybe suggest we cuddle up to watch Forks Over Knives on the couch one night.

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Love this! Trying to find a vegan to date is so hard. I once went on a few dates in California with this vegan yogi before I moved to Utah.

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The dating part was fantastic; vegan food everywhere and he always wanted to bring me more vegan donuts and cinnamon rolls. He did do 3 days a week vegetarian when we met and that changed when his Ironman schedule took over. Slow and steady. Slow and steady wins the race and any little bit helps. Good luck to everyone on their dating adventures! The things that stood out to me in this piece, that would bother me were:.

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