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Green Farms Supermarket Manhattan Ave. Though it had an American name, we never called it Green Farms. The shelves were almost empty because the prices had been slashed and sadly only a few cans of Polish food, some mineral water and Polish beer remained. The owners, though, had not liquidated the store for lack of business, but because as owners of the building, the temptation to sell out and retire comfortably proved too great to resist.

The article mentioned the closing of savings s at the Polish-Slavic Credit Union, the transfer of large amounts of money to s in Poland, the shipping of large packages to Poland, the purchase of one-way tickets from New York to Poland, and the growth in advertisements for transatlantic moving companies as s Poles were leaving Greenpoint for good.

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In interviews with those planning their departure Poles cited immigration restrictions, the falling value of the dollar, and most ificantly, new opportunities beckoning from Western Europe and even Poland, as reasons for returning to Europe. Many local Polish property owners also decided to cash out for a comfortable retirement in Poland.

Nowy Dziennik itself is a symbol of vanishing Polish Greenpoint. The Polish daily once was a ubiquitous presence in Polish shops, but declining circulation has now forced it to become just a weekly paper and it has left its former offices on the corner of Franklin Street and Greenpoint Avenue.

Manhattan Avenue, which once boasted many Polish-owned businesses, has seen many thriving Polish stores close including Wedel, the Polish chocolate shop and the Polish restaurants Happy End and Lomzynianka, amongst many others.

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Although the remaining Polish businesses continue to thrive and Polish is still often heard on the street, approximately 10, Polish-Americans live in Greenpoint today, around half of the Polish population a decade earlier. Not long ago, local Polish churches were so crowded that many of the parishioners could not squeeze into the church and heard the service standing outside.

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The congregations of the Polish churches are still large, but they are noticeably smaller than they were a decade ly and many of the congregants are noticeably older with fewer children in attendance. What has caused the drop in the Polish size of the Polish community? First, like many other ethnic groups, Poles have been driven out of Greenpoint by the sharp rise in rents. Many Polish renters, especially families, cannot afford Greenpoint rents and they have relocated to Maspeth, Ridgewood and other areas where rents are lower.

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In the past, when paying tenants were hard to find some Polish landlords happily rented to Polish tenants, but with gentrification landlords today easily find non-Polish tenants who are willing to pay top dollar. Greenpoint has housed a Polish community since the s and Polish poverty had always been one of the factors that pushed immigrants to Greenpoint.

Today, however, Poland is now a thriving economy and fewer Poles come to America for economic reasons.

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An even greater magnet directing the flow of Polish immigration — not just from Greenpoint, but also from Poland itself — has been the opening of the Western European labor markets to Polish workers. Afterthe small stream of Polish immigrants to the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden — the three EU Member States that immediately opened their labor markets to Poles— grew into mighty rivers of migrants.

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In just the first two years after ing the European Union, somePoles left their homeland, most bound for Western Europe. Some people claim that there are now a million Polish residents of the United Kingdom alone. Poles who once emigrated to America can get jobs far closer to home and even return home for the weekend. In addition, their work in European Union lands is not only on a par with American pay scales, but Polish workers receive health and pension benefits that American employers cannot often match.

Great article polish dating Brooklyn the transformation of Greenpoint. Unfortunately, these changes will only worsen, as the L Line shuts down in and Hipsters move in, as well as a thriving Polish Economy and stricter U. Only the Polish people owners of those properties can stop this from happening. Unfortunately money seems to be at a higher property to them over community. And would you hold it against them their wish to retire? I am one of those property owners who some day will cash out. No judgement on people who go back to Poland with a nice nest egg from property sales.

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All the same I am sad to see Polonia disappearing. Great story.

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The only thing I would take issue with is the improved Polish economy. My polish friends tell me when you get outside Warsaw it is still very poor and if America had a liberal immigration policy there would be a new wave of immigrants to NYC along with many other countries.

What you say about Western Europe is true, ie why come to America with restricted policies when you can go to Western Europe but still be close to Poland.

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Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. the Conversation 7. Poland Farms?

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Never heard it referred to as Poland Farms. Hi Darek, I am one of those property owners who some day will cash out. It is true Greenpoint is only for the rich now.

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Many poles have moved to parts of Queens.