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At such a fast pace, prosecutors could finish by the Memorial Day weekend, taking about five weeks to present a case that many expected to consume four to six months. The government may have taken a lesson from the O. Simpson murder trial, which dragged on for nine months before ending in acquittal, or, more likely, the World Trade Center bombing trial, which took five months and ended with four convictions.


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State Review - - ;'t. Farmers In this area are now planting potatoes and other crops for the spring markets. William L; Wilson reported in his weekly review.

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This year the govern-ment price is below thai of the prevailing market and has tendedto lower the price to the producer below that of the market, and has eintd considerable complications," the state market director said. Registration of voters Is now in progress at the city hall.

Nearly 1, have registered.

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Black Market In Meat Is Reported ' Police officers and the sheriff's office are investigating reports that a "black market" in fresh meats has been conducted here. Thus fan however, no violations have been brought to light. Everett Bmlth, acting rector of Christ Episcopal church, spoke. This progressive group are factory authorized service for GE, Westinghouse.

Frigldaire and Gibson refrigerators. Gllmora and his mechanics offer a hour service on all refrigera tion requirements. Immediate delivery.

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Gov't St. P They say there is one born every minute, and if such is the case we should have been twins, as we're too big a sucker, for any one man. That sort of proposition might be called bet- ting, or two-man bingo. In some quarters, but it is nothing of the sort. We can blame some unidentified farmer for our present role of stooge.

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About 67 years ago this farmer noted an unusual recurrence of rains at Waynesburg each July 29, and he started keeping a record of this annual California dew, - ;1 William 5 Rogers, a druggist, became intrigued by the annual report and started to keep his own record, the first official data.

How carefully some of the earlier records; were kept is open to question, as the merry villagers of those days, were wont to wager a keg of beer on the possibility of a wet day, and inasmuch as they kept a hour vigil to see that there would be no cheating, and 24 hours is a long time to sit looking at the bung In a beer keg, there is a chance the good citi-rens didn't know whether it was raining pitchforks and hoe handles or was as dry as chalk, and cared less.

The rain, or the record of It, seemed to run In f ami-' lies, as after BUl's death his late brother. Ab, Who doubled as drug-clerk and the "hear ye, hear ye", fellow in the county.

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John Dally. Byron's son, is official custodian of the July 29 weather. John Lb OUara, who suggested our donation to Mr. Daily's bond collection, warns us that we haven't a. The first-record miss was back in The next was the drought year ofand the last time there wasnt a drop in the bucket was In Z09 8.

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Just to make us Xeel better. Ollara Informs us, is 50 miles southwest of Pittsburgh and deep in the heart of the football country.

It is the site of Waynesburg college named after General. Mad Anthony Wayne, and has a colonial courthouse, that is the : only one of its kind in the section. Which, of course, has nothing to do with the July 29 rain, except that the - courthouse sounds stApiclous, and it looks like a good spot for the fireman to. We can Just see the we want rain" club Walking around that day' with hands outstretched in that gimme a dime for a cuppa cawfe!

We realize here Is no- sport in the above, so well just say rain today; no game" and let it go at that. Howard B. Tyler: ' In. Kopp Reports Ta Brooks Field 1 p. Howell S. Kopp,' whose wife, Mrs. I Lieutenant Kopp, who was associated! Yesterday's range was from 42 to 60 degrees, j. Jeffers' talk begins at 9 p.

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The dealers will discuss the situation- locally beforehand. Allcriminal cases, whether theft or 1 murder, originate In this court. When; a peace officer catches a criminal the officer takes his man to a JP. The Justice court is also a trial court and an altar as well. He hasi Jurisdiction over au cases originating He passes judgment iousness of the case in his district.

The pensacola journal ( april 1, )

The JP can be a source of real help in the saving of county revenue over small frivolous cases. The men built- classroom facilities, selected their teachers and deans, and went to school. Paul M. OXeary, rationing chief of OPA, offered today some, advice to the housewife:- fr r "1 Budget your ration points the blue A. B and C stamps for buying canned goods for. Prepare your shopping list before you go to the store. That will help you to shop economically saving time and saving points. Spend, your high. By doing so yon will avoid the j danger j later in the month of having no stamps of proper denomination to pay fori a.

Pensacola news journal from pensacola, florida · 6

Grocers cannot make change in stamps, r1 I 4. Shop early, in the day. Shop early in the week Monday through Thursday. That will save time your time, Pensacola sxe free grocer's time, and the time of war workers who shop late. Don't be impatient. In the first few days of operation under the new program, lt will take grocers' clerks linger than before to check your purchases.

CP Tom p. Clark, a lanky, good-natured Texan with a Dallas drawl, appeared today be an almost certain choice for "the post! Thurman Arnold, who held that job, has been nominated to : become a Justice of the court of appeals for the District of Columbia, his nomination is pending in the senate and may be confirmed this week. Along with r Clark's name, President Roosevelt is expected to send to the senate the nomination i of Hugh Cox for the new position of assistant attorney general in cnarge of the war division.

Congress voted to establish that job last week and the measure Is awaiting: the president's approval.

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When her half began to fall out she consulted a barber. He gave her an ointment to rub on her head, assuring her. Part of her hair Immediately fell off, while hair began to sprout on her hands, she avers. Barney Ross, fistic champion and a ham. Af rsnarialnnnnl -warfare vu heard over NBC tonight on the Jrceport 10 me ruauony - program.

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He has Just returned from Guadal canal. CBS pjn. Georee Brent Land Kay Francis.

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News Summary Clark's. IMorning Devotionsl.

Employment Service? War Fund Cam paign. I News. I v O All Request Program. I 5 :1S Musical- Interlude. I - Behind the Headlines. Vitamins Plus, i Carnation Contented Hour. News Regal Beer. War News.

Pensacola news journal from pensacola, florida · 5

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