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Although it issome societies are still close-minded, making interracial relationships far from easy.


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Unfortunately for many, stereotypes have taken over the expectations people normally have. This will often shed a bad or negative light on many people who are interracially dating. As someone who has been involved in an interracial relationship, I have noticed certain reactions from others while we are dating.

People across the globe have stereotypes set in their minds, but it is now time for those stereotypes to diminish. For the sake of this article, I asked 10 people a few questions about how they feel about their interracial relationships. I will be using 3 responses I received in order to gain a deeper insight on how they view the public and other relationships outside of their own dating lives.

Especially in College Station. He actually brought up once how he never really knew how it felt to always be watched everywhere you go until we started dating. Older people are also VERY open with their disapproval and will hardcore glare at us with no remorse.

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There have been interracial couples before us and there will be plenty more after! They would call me dirty, white-washed, etc. I was then living with his family who has loved, sheltered and supported me to this day! Now, Our families not including the relatives who despise him get along very well.

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My yeay grandmother especially likes him, despite him being so shy. I never knew she felt that way until she messaged me that.

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In public we had a lady in her late 60s come up to us and tell us how great it was that we love each other and are open about it despite how much harder it is for interracial couples, especially for two pocs. While I just took a sample interview of people involved with interracial dating, I would like to still take into that the amount of negative responses these people have recieved is outrageous.

While my one and only language is English, my S. This has caused a barrier that prohibits me from forming a strong personal relationship with his family. However, like all people who date, this issue is more of a case-by-case situation that varies strictly on who you are dating. If so, how do you find ways to communicate?

The struggles

Other than language, what proves to be the next largest barrier separating you from your partner? Currently, he greets, answers yes or no, and says goodbye in Khmer. But my family elders have learned to speak some English to communicate with him and vice versa. One is cultural differences.

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In my culture, we are very big on respecting elders, discipline and putting family above all else. His family allows for more leniency, and they do not use too much discipline at least physically on their kids. Rice is a staple food for my family, along with meat, veggies and mini side dishes.

The benefits

His family eats tex-mex and they do not have rice as often as my family does. We also grew up in different classes of wealth. My family is poor and his is middle class.

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And growing up I remember my one of my tios used to talk really negatively about black men so I just try and ignore them when they try and talk to me about it because its none of their business. Next, we move on to culture.

Tradition is certainly something that plays a large role in how people are raised, therefore affecting their culture. It was during an October when I had first began dating my S. Candles and other offerings were located at the shrine and it was full of photos and picture frames.

I had never seen anything like this, so I was quite stunned. The only time I had seen these things were when they were depicted in movies!

Like I said, all my friends are from the same area and they all look like me. I came from poverty, raised with 4 other siblings, mother divorced but remarried and was a minority.

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Thankfully, our families are nonjudgmental and accepting of us, as well as our cultures. I guess it could be because his family only really eats Tex-Mex.

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He tells me that the combination of flavors and the spices make the food really good! Whites or light-skinned pocs and being with him has proven to me that that is most definitely true. And his grandma always has really good natural remedies that she swears by that always end up working for some odd reason. I know for him his favorite part is my family dynamic.

So to go from a small family right to how big mine is is something he really enjoys because for the most part everyone is really loving and accepting of us. Now that all has been said and done, I would like to reinstate the fact that no two relationships are exactly the same. I would also like to point out how beautiful it is to learn and fall in love with someone that grew up in an entirely different environment than yourself. I find this extremely fascinating. There has been a change in the world that allows people to be more accepting of who wants to fall in love with who, whether it has to do with sexuality, race, nationality, etc.

However, there are still a few people left who are not so accepting of all of this. I am a firm believer that our world is on the right path to overcoming obstacles that stand in our way of living our lives to the fullest. McCayleigh Daniels. Interview 1 Do you believe your relationship has broadened your world perspective? She works as a Community Assistant and is majoring in Psychology. She loves her dog, Dixie Belle, enjoys Netflix, and loves to spend time with her friends.

Ups and downs of interracial dating

She has always had a passion for writing and runs her own blogging site. At just 19 years old, McCayleigh has already published her first book, "The Forgotten Isle," and is currently working on her next one. McCayleigh is well aware that in the future she will be able to look back on all the experiences she has encountered and will be able to help others reflect on their beliefs and decisions they choose to make.

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