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RI Solidarity Fund Six community-led relief efforts have developed a collaborative fund for community members and foundations seeking to contribute directly to frontline relief during the Coronavirus crisis. Donations to the Rhode Island Solidarity Fund go directly to community organizations that are working nonstop to meet the needs of our community members who are most at risk of severe consequences in this crisis across Rhode Island. This ranges from low-income renters facing eviction to undocumented workers and people in prison. A Sweet Creation A Sweet Creation Youth Organization is a youth group to get youth from middle school to college active and involved in the community. AMOR organizes to place sovereignty back into the hands of communities directly affected by systemic oppression and build leadership, generate power, and organize resistance with and alongside all directly affected peoples. Breakthrough Providence The mission of Breakthrough Providence is to create pathways to college for low-income, academically motivated middle and high school students in Providence Public Schools, and to encourage talented high school and college students to pursue careers in education.


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Rick Stattler, June 24, ; updated by Jennifer L. Galpern, August 1, The historical study of marginalized groups always presents a challenge to the researcher. The ruling classes leave behind great masses of letters, diaries, business records, books, and newspapers, and store them in their sturdy attics and counting houses for the benefit of future generations.

Those on the outside are less likely to be literate, less likely to leave a written record, and much less likely to pass down that written record through several generations.

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Researchers looking for the diaries and memoirs left by the early Narragansett people will be disappointed. No diaries of Rhode Island slaves are known to survive, if they ever existed at all.

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In some ways, however, these stories can be told through the distorting lens of the records left by the ruling classes. Many thousands of passing references in books, court records, letters and diaries are waiting for careful interpretation by the historian.

This guide describes a variety of sources in the R. Manuscripts Division relating to people of color. These sources include references to individuals identified as being of African, American Indian or Asian descent, as well as general discussions of broader topics such as slavery or racial discrimination. These sources have not been gleaned in an systematic manner.

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Essentially, the Manuscripts Division staff has taken note of anything relating to people of color that they noticed in the course of their work, and collected these notes in a single document. Harold Kemble began assembling these notes in the s, and subsequent staff have expanded upon his work. Many of these early references are now difficult to find because the documents have been recataloged. InAmy Lappin attempted to track down each of these documents, and record its proper current catalog. In a few cases, she was unable to find the document that Kemble referred to, which is noted in the text.

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Those documents may have been miscataloged in the intervening years, or perhaps some of the original descriptions were inaccurate. The guide is laid out alphabetically by collection name, using the last name when it is the collection of a family or an individual. When papers are part of the miscellaneous manuscripts collection the name is written last name, first name.

The "MSS" is the catalogwhich should help the staff locate the original document.

Rhode island nonprofit organizations led by and/or serving people of color

The dates following the collection name indicate the span of years the collection encompasses. Dates following a person's name and in parentheses are birth and death dates. Lopez's daybook includes record of receipt of payments which occasionally list the goods as being delivered by a "negro boy.

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Daniel Holloway. Daybook records payments for goods and sometimes lists the names of the delivery boys including William Negro and Negro Jack. Folder 12 contains several documents re a voyage of the slave ship Cleopatra to Africa inand a bill of sale for a slave named Charles, from Joseph Holloway of Exeter to Lopez in R4 M4.

Proceedings of a "meeting held by free Africans and other free people of colour in the Town and county of Newport and state of Rhode Island on the tenth of November AD at the house occupied by Mr. Abraham Casey to hear an addendum from the convention of Deputies from the Abolition Society in the United States read A remonstrance to Attorney General Albert C.

Greene ed by thirteen citizens of Burrillville, countering an unspecified complaint by Hezekiah Smith and John Solomon, a "Man of Collor" of Burrillville, against several citizens of Burrillville. In response, Smith and Solomon are accused of cutting timber illegally, and "thay kep a bad hous fiting screeming murder rautling the nabors nite after nite and Mss Series 3, Box 10, Folder 3: Daybook and memoranda book, October 9, ," probably in his household.

Credits to and charges against her are indicated in the book.

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Sarah Howland. Proceeding relating to the trial of Rhode Island vs. Depositions relating to the infamous Olney Lane or Snowtown race riot. Walmsley, State v. Records and examinations involving Amasa Walmsley "man of colour George Fuller and Charles Nobles.

At god's little acre, clues to the african american history of newport, rhode island

On the back of the bill of sale is Benjamin Allen's deed for sale of Felix. Zachariah Allen with Samuel Nightingale. Payment from Newport Tew for his services in burying Capt. Joseph Crawford. Thomas Allen Receipt, January 26, Payment for punishing Nathaniel Smith's Ceasar as "Allin thought fitt. Appointment, July 16, Document appointing Allin as administrator of the estate of Jack Allen, "a free negro man. Blotter shows "spining Milles Dr. Slater's order given to John Bucklins black man for work at Pawtucket" February 26, Record of payment to "Sylvester Daby, a black man for baskets" Decemberpayment to Samuel Slater Octoberfor hire of "the black man who turned [provided power] for him.

s for spinning containing the names of people of color including Marcy Alderedy, Phebey Shaw, and Providince Brown, among others. Letter from Benjamin Hadwen which mentions that "a black man in thy employ with no legs has a considerable sum of money due from Archibald Crary Will of Samuel Almy. Mss A Box 6 Folder 1 of 5: Misc. William Almy of Providence. Letter - July 30 To the Corresponding Committee of the Abolition Society in New York from William Almy and James Ellis concerning "sending Delegates to form a Convention to consider the cause of the opposed Africans and to solicit Congress for their relief in such a way and manner as may appear most eligible Alva Woods Family Papers.

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Correspondence from Anne Brown Francis Woods to her daughter Abby Francis Woods Abbott regarding a love affair between a white woman and a colored servant named William. Teague to Alva Woods - 31 Oct Teague to Alva woods discussing the religious and political situation of the southern Negroes. Diary, Trip through Nothern Alabama: Frequent discussion of negroes in diary, including list of slaves and cotton picked by each on Mr. Jarman's plantation in Franklin County, AL.

Three telegrams sent circa April 4, to the Adjutant Generals in Columbus, OH; Springfield, IL; and Indianapolis, IN requesting information about the status of the colored regiments and whether the officers had been mustered into service. See also the list of correspondence relating to people of color as part of the inventory to his papers. They often use the term "contraband" in reference to slaves who escaped or were liberated by advancing Union troops. Those individuals were technically still the property of their owners and so were contraband goods just as other types of "liberated" household goods were contraband.

The list gives the volume and and the date of the letter or telegram. The American Citizenship Campaign began at the outbreak of World War I in an attempt to move aliens towards naturalization. Lists of alien men of voting age were created by nationality and town of residence, including several lists of Chinese-Americans.

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Detailed reports and statistics regarding distribution of Christian tracts in the Fifth Ward of Providence. Loose Vol. Mss A Loose Vol. s - Records of the art and literary society. The records mention Edward Mitchell Bannister a famous African-American artist from Rhode Island, who was a memberincluding a lecture of his and several lectures that pertain to the Narragansetts, most of them satirical.

See list below.

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A closer look at the intricately carved stones of a centuries-old burying ground.


Show support for people of color by investing in their businesses and amplifying their voices.