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Miley toys with her public image after discovering that a boy she likes isn't a Hannah fan; Jackson considers asking out his best friend's sister, who has returned home from boarding school. Miley Stewart : This is so frustrating! I spent all day yesterday trying to make Josh like Hannah Montana. Oliver Oken : How'd it go? Miley Stewart : It went really well!


Some people really are prohibited to us. At 10 p. By then, Grindr bots had gotten alarmingly good.

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But Peter was real though all names here are fake. The exchange went swimmingly, outlandishly high-minded. We exchanged some of the funniest posts from Douchebags of Grindr. I giggled, because pretty Peters never messaged me. It was his idea, that late. I arrived at 11 p.

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When we looked at each other, we hugged, which was unusual, in a good way. I followed him up the stairs, looking up at his marled white sweater. From the Berwyn station to Clark, past the parking lots and into the smudge of tuckpointed red brick houses and apartment buildings with their small, self-effacing arches, toward the thrift stores where I picked up so much of the kitsch that filled my apartment.

This time, because of a circuitous route the driver had taken, I was coming from the west. Montana boy dating here, everything seemed alien. An Andersonville for a parallel universe. Peter was the first of the Montana Boys. My brain did that so often then; taking the Red Line up and down, refreshing Grindr.

And then came along Peter, with whom I felt a movement in my life that I thought was the real solution to my problem. Those days, everything was all the same. I embodied psychosomatic pain through and through, as if with stones in my shoes. My work in the lab seeped through the seasons. Grief has a manner of defusing all sense of alterity.

I was, then, and seemingly forever, stuck in the rehearsal of grad school at University of Chicago.

Either S—, an idyll of nonsensically angled bookshelves that never end—reams upon reams of obscure fiction that led straight to literary theory, then WWII historical fiction, and so forth. Or 5— Books just around the corner. A basement-level series of rooms, with the muffled air of one of those stores that are always frozen in Christmas. Over the many years I spent in Hyde Park, it was staffed by girls wearing thick glasses and boys in turtlenecks.

I remember them vaguely, because they were vague. Except Peter, with whom Montana boy dating spent that perplexingly delightful night. Ultimately, Peter made me lovesick, hoping to unearth a new sensibility of home: a place to arrive, a place to belong. Montana exports two kinds of boys. There are the boys who wear flannel during all seasons of the year, and the boys who wear flannel ironically, unbuttoned over Arcade Fire tees or wedged in under fey neck bandanas. Beyond that, the differences are superficial.

Peter looked like a Nordic version of Antoni from Queer Eye. They all sort of look like that, with their trussed brown or blonde hair, their dimples and good teeth, their pale, symmetrical faces. A sense of gravitas, with their richly wavy hair and textured sweaters. But the first thing one sees on Grindr is always the pristine environment behind them, which one imagines as accompanying them at all times. Walking with a Montana Boy is like walking with a boy and a mountain. I imagined that a lot after meeting Peter for the first time.

At my giddiest, I danced down sidewalks in slow-mo as if in a montage. So you ran away with your heart.

I pranced through the Gothic quadrangles. Past the kids removing their bikes from the stands, past the pattern-bloused conversationalists. Who gets so giddy from just one evening with a strange boy? Evenings with merry people were everywhere then, at least as possibilities; presented two- or three-fold for a day such that we all planned our calendars like curmudgeonly archivists.

But I was also giddy because it served a purpose, in bringing out a quality without which I was hopelessly undesirable.

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Her mother terrified us. The house imposed with its dark, sculpted Mughal antiques. The heady brushstrokes of a giant Ismail Gulgee painting. Inadvertently, I made the evening all about my inability to grapple with so many differently-sized knives and forks.

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The terrifying mother laughed jovially. When she excused herself momentarily, my friend turned to me.

She looked at me curiously. I keep forgetting about that. Thenceforth—failing all else—I had the great felicity of being charming. Because a kind friend otherwise not prone to compliments had told me so.

And I was banking on that. Charm, and credentials. A serious scholar, a writer, an angst-spurning romantic. An activist! Who could be so very silly! Peter had an airiness about him.

He led me briskly through an apartment covered top to bottom with books. We sat in the fire escape out of his room and smoked a t. Hat tip. His warmth was infectious. He was not just a bookseller; he was also studying improv comedy.

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Our conversation hopped around; coins flung in a fountain bouncing off their edges:. At least Foucault was going out of fashion, though. The different kind of activist performativity.

The sheer amount of it, from the humanists wearing J. Crew, we agreed, was unbearable. Was America home to me yet, after four years? A mutual friend—undocumented. So worried about them, he said. This fucking country.

Yes, they had the same hours. It was all a portmanteau of biting assertions from the intellectually-elitist hipsterdom that I was familiar with; a constant mimicry of fealty and contempt. But it was off-kilter, better, because it seemed sincere. I asked him about his books as I stood up and ran my fingers along the spines.