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On International Youth Day, us in uplifting the voices of youth and celebrating their leadership.


Read the biblical basis for our institutional commitment here. Fuller welcomes women equally into all its programs, and the seminary is committed to making its resources fully available to women as they pursue the professions and ministries to which the Lord has called them. about this institutional commitment. Fuller sees a strong biblical basis for the equal partnership of women and men in ministry and leadership.

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The women who teach and study at Fuller bring wise, creative leadership to their areas of expertise. From churches to mission fields to boardrooms, women go out from Fuller to impact a diversity of contexts.

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Inwhen Fuller Theological Seminary was founded, it was assumed that all students preparing for ministry would be men; women, however, saw it differently. At their insistence, by the following year women were taking individual courses, and by a degree specifically for women—the Bachelor of Sacred Theology, a modified version of the Bachelor of Divinity—was created, with Helen Clark its first graduate in Learn more about the history of women at Fuller.

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Before that, she ran Long Winter Media, a creative agency she co-founded and still owns with her husband. With her background in business, Michaela is at home among the marketplace leaders the De Pree Center is called to serve. Carly L. Fuller is pleased to announce that Dr. The chair was held by Francis Andersen and then, most recently, for 20 years by John Goldingay. In this role, Dr. Download this full article as a PDF here.

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Women have contributed much to the ministry of the Church throughout its history. However, their role in this area has never been free from controversy. Today, most church bodies are discussing the place of women in their ministries.

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Crucial to these discussions for many of us are the matters of faithful biblical interpretation. Perhaps a few words should be said about the concept of ministry itself on the basis of the New Testament.

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Today, we tend to confuse our specific church traditions about ordination with the biblical concept of ministry. The New Testament says relatively little about ordination. Any person could exercise ministry which means, remember, service who was called and gifted by God and affirmed by the body of Christ, the Church. Some were set apart in leadership positions and some were ased specific tasks to accomplish, but the differences among ministries were not distinctions of kind.

Eventually, certain types of affirmation were combined with certain functions of ministry to produce our current understanding of ordination. Modern debates over the ordination of women often miss the crucial and basic issues of the holistic concept of the ministry of the Church reflected in the New Testament. This mutuality of women and men carries no suggestion of male hehip or female submission. This equal partnership between man and woman is also present in the retelling of the creation story in Genesis 2.

Here the man is found in need of a companion, but none of the creatures God has created qualify Genesis — Thus, God differentiates man 'adam into man 'ish and woman 'ishshahpersons of separate male and female gender identity.

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The woman and man sin together Genesis —7. These statements are not creation mandates; rather, the relationship of mutuality, partnership, and equality portrayed in Genesis — is now sadly marred by sin. Faculty Who Are Leaders in their Fields. Miyoung Yoon Hammer, Department of Marriage and Family chair, brings deep expertise in medical family therapy and practitioner self-understanding to her classroom.

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They were to remain at home, to be good wives and mothers, and to take no part in public discourse or education. Let her accordingly be submissive.

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Jesus reached out to women who were rejected. In spite of the laws regarding uncleanness, Jesus allowed a woman with a twelve-year menstrual problem to touch him, and he commended her faith Mark — Jesus permitted a sinful woman to anoint and kiss his feet Luke — He also offered salvation directly to women who were known as adulteresses John —42 and John — Nevertheless, Jesus taught women and included them in his group of committed disciples.

He taught Mary of Bethany and commended her learning to her sister who was carrying out the traditional tasks Luke — It was to the Samaritan woman that Jesus made his most explicit affirmation that he was the Messiah, and he shared with her his basic mission John — These same women were present at the crucifixion and burial and on resurrection morning Luke55—56; The women Jesus included became the proclaimers of Jesus as Savior and risen Lord.

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The Samaritan woman was responsible for evangelizing her town John — Apart from documenting the widespread presence of women in the early church, the in Acts presents us with three additional items of importance. This foundational role was ificant in the early church see Acts —9; 1 Corinthians Throughout the history of the modern church, the events of Acts 2 have been one of the major arguments in favor of women in ministry.

Second, the involvement of women in the establishment of the Philippian church is noteworthy Acts — Paul begins the church in Philippi, the leading city of its district, with a group of women gathered for prayer outside the city gate Acts — She and her home became the center of the new Philippian church Acts —15, This data is very ificant background for the two women of Philippi who worked with Paul in the gospel ministry Philippians —3.

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Third, Acts gives some indication of the importance of Priscilla Acts ,18, She, along with her husband Aquila, instructed Apollos, who became a noted teacher in the church Acts There has always been debate over the ificance of the fact that Priscilla taught Apollos at home rather than in the church, but it must be recognized that she did teach Apollos see 1 Timothy A deeper theology for any calling.

Galatianslike Acts 2, has been cited for hundreds of years as a basis for women in ministry. Detractors of women in ministry often argue that Galatians refers only to the spiritual reality of equal access to God through faith in Christ Jesus.

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The text does refer to this, but it clearly encompasses other realities as well. There are three traditional pairings, and they reflect the three basic social divides of hostility within the first century AD in the Roman Empire. Paul also notes the mutuality of men and women in Christ in two striking passages in 1 Corinthians.

In 1 Corinthians —5 Paul makes it clear that sexual relations between a husband and wife are matters of mutuality and equality in respect and in rights.

Such a position grew out of the love and inclusiveness of Christ and was directly counter to the prevailing Jewish and pagan opinion in the Roman Empire that the husband had all the sexual rights over his wife. The discussion of head coverings for women in 1 Corinthians —16 clearly implies and assumes that women, as well as men, engage in prayer and prophecy 1 Corinthians Thus, Paul concludes the first part of his discussion on head coverings 1 Corinthians —10 by stating that women ought to have authority on their he.

This is the most often neglected evidence from the New Testament relevant to the participation of women in ministry. Three women are known as leaders of house churches the only type of church there was in the first century!

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To this group we can add Lydia, a Pauline house church leader known from Acts In Romans —4 Paul greeted Priscilla and Aquila. This husband and wife team is mentioned six times elsewhere in the New Testament. It is ificant that Priscilla is usually mentioned first, since the cultural pattern would be to name the husband first.

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Paul indicated that he and all the Gentile churches were indebted to both of them. In view of Acts —40 it is not surprising that two such women leaders emerged in the Philippian church. Junias is a male name in English translations, but there is no evidence that such a male name existed in the first century AD. Junia, a female name, was common, however.

The Greek grammar of the sentence in Romans means that the male and female forms of this name would be spelled identically.

Thus, one has to decide—on the basis of other evidence—whether this person is a woman Junia or a man Junias. Since Junia is the name attested in the first century and since the great church father and commentator on Paul in the fourth century, John Chrysostom no friend of women in ministryunderstood the reference to be a woman Junia, we ought to read it that way as well.

In fact, it was not until the thirteenth century that she was changed to Junias! Missional innovation grounded in an unchanging gospel.

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A flame of sacred love: Mission involvement of women in the 19th century.