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Unless otherwise specified, the correspondence is from or to the Secretary of State or other official of the Department of State]. Conscription of Aliens by the United States. Report of General Tasker H. Japanese in the United States. The Lansing-Ishii Negotiations. The Monroe Doctrine.

The Proposed Pan-American Treaty. Purchase of the Danish West Indies.

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Menu Menu. Expresses belief that the time is favorable for proceeding with the proposed Pan-American treaty. Encloses draft list text printed.

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Requests further information. Warns against deception by such actions on the part of Germany.

Alsberg and Mr. Morgenthau regarding the situation in Turkey. Paul, Minn. Requests for the use of the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections a complete statement of the facts concerning the Lusitania incident. House has been deated as the representative of the United States.

Encloses a draft letter of deation text printed.

Reports that principal Italian need is for grain. Suggests penalties for the presentation of false affidavits to departments of the Government by persons seeking action in support of their interests abroad.

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Reports the proceedings at the meeting of the Supreme War Council on December 1. Reports the return of Baron Sonnino from the Paris Conference. Frank E. Anderson Report of a visit to Austria and Hungary in December Transmits a message to be communicated to the British, French, and Italian Governments referring to this resolution and to the action of the Supreme War Council with regard to conditions of peace.

Lansing dating foreigners hesitation at acceding to these requests. Expresses belief that adoption of such a resolution would be unwise. House Expresses views on subject of a League of Nations. Comments on the political situation in Italy. Herron on the subject of a Society of Nations.

Comments on the attitude to be taken toward the offer. Encloses a letter to Colonel House text printed containing further comments on the Italian situation. Transmits a communication submitted by General Pershing to the Supreme War Council regarding the desirability of granting an armistice to Germany.

Reports that the subject mentioned in the preceding document has been adjusted satisfactorily. Forwards the text of a statement given to the press by the Department declaring that there is no intention on the part of the American Government to draft foreigners into military service.

Outlines the American position with regard to the drafting of aliens who may have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, and points out the willingness of the President as Commander in Chief to consider the discharge of any aliens who might have been drafted, if their Governments should request such action and if evidence of alien nationality be furnished.

Declares that if such aliens have been conscripted, it was due to their inability or failure to establish their alien nationality.

Papers relating to the foreign relations of the united states, the lansing papers, –, volume ii

Encloses draft text printed of a proposed amendment to the Selective Service Act of May 18, Draft Actto eliminate some of these difficulties. Expresses hope of the possibility of the release of subjects or citizens of neutral countries having no treaties of exemption with the United States. Expresses belief that amendments to the Draft Act are necessary to clarify the situation. Reports arrival in Russia. Comments on conditions there. Encloses telegram of April 10 text printed from the Ambassador in Russia regarding the unsatisfactory military and naval situation there.

Discussion of possible personnel of such a commission.

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Encloses two drafts texts printed of a proposed letter to Mr. Stevens of the Railroad Commission outlining the relation intended to exist between the Root Mission and the Railroad Commission. Encloses editorial from the Petrograd Rjetch text printed. Suggests the issuance of an interpretation of these passages to prevent such an effect. Expresses belief that Mr. Stevens may be assuming unwarranted authority. Recommends that Stevens be told that the Commission is not a diplomatic one.

Stevens reminding him that the impression should not be created that he or his associates speak for the Government of the United States. Expresses opinion that no reply should be made. Footnote: This draft was handed to Secretary Lansing on March 1. It was shown to the British, French, and Italian Ambassadors but was not sent. Hoover, and to be guided in all questions of foreign policy by the Department of State.

Raymond Robins Forwards a statement of recommendations concerning the Russian situation text printed containing suggestions for American economic cooperation with Russia. Encloses a communication text printed from Japanese Foreign Office to Japanese Ambassador concerning the situation at Manchuli. Encloses a communication from the French Ambassador text printed conveying information received about the military situation in Siberia. Encloses a telegram text printed from Admiral Knight to the Secretary of the Navy requesting the extension of American assistance to the Czecho-Slovaks.

Recommends that reply be made that the American Government does not intend to appoint a High Commissioner.

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Baruch on the question of supplies for the Czecho-Slovaks in Siberia. Comments on the relationship between the Japanese and Czecho-Slovak military forces. Baruch regarding Czechoslovak relief. Comments on the military situation in Russia and Siberia.

House Encloses correspondence texts printed with the Japanese Ambassador concerning plans for improving Japanese-American relations by adjustments in the treatment of Japanese resident in the United States. Outlines position to be taken with regard to the Japanese demands on the subject of advisers, arms, and police supervision in China.

Conveys the text of a statement to be given out to the effect that the American Government has not surrendered any of its treaty rights in China and continues its friendly interest in everything concerning the industrial and political welfare of China. Instructions to call upon the Foreign Office and urge that negotiations between China and Japan be conducted amicably.

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Instructions to deliver to Count Okuma a personal and unofficial communication from Secretary Bryan containing an appeal for the use of his influence for the maintenance of peace between Japan and China. Instructions to inquire of the Foreign Office whether the British Government would in an appeal to Japan and China to continue their negotiations in a spirit of friendship. Sent, mutatis mutandisto the Ambassadors in France and Russia. Forwards text of personal telegram to be delivered to Count Okuma and text of telegram to the Ambassadors in Great Britain, France, and Russia.

Declares it to be of highest importance that friendly relations between Japan and China should not be interrupted. Reports concern of Chinese Ministers over Japanese attitude toward possible restoration of monarchy in China. Suggests a form of reply.

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Reference to the disposition of the former German islands in the South Pacific. Discussion of the nature of Japanese interest in China. President Wilson Acknowledges the receipt of the memoranda referred to in the preceding document. Mentions a conversation between himself and Viscount Ishii. Preparation of a draft text printed of a note setting forth the policies of the two Governments with regard to China.

Encloses draft text printed of confidential memorandum intended to accompany the reply of the Japanese Government in the proposed exchange of notes.


Discussion of arrangements for publication of the notes to be exchanged. Hugh S. Suggests that the President prepare a statement of his understanding of the agreement reached at Paris with regard to Shantung.

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Encloses copy of a draft text printed of a proposed declaration to be made by Japan regarding the Shantung question which had been submitted to Baron Makino, Mr. Balfour, and M. Clemenceau at Paris. Suggests that answer should be made that partnership with any-country in any political influence exerted in Haiti would be inconsistent with the Monroe Doctrine and that any American influence there would be exerted impartially for the protection of the interests of the nationals of all countries.

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Suggests that the Ambassador call to discuss the language of the proposed convention. Sent, mutatis mutandisto the Argentine and Brazilian Ambassadors. Expresses opinion that the United States cannot undertake to decide who are to be included in the proposed agreement between the A.