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  • Years old:
  • I am 26
  • Color of my eyes:
  • I’ve got large blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • What is my hair:
  • Silky hair
  • Figure type:
  • My figure type is quite plump
  • My favourite music:
  • Classical


Innocence is everywhere but the honest enjoyment of perversion is rare. On a warm sunny Saturday afternoon platoons of harried women in expensive cars shuttled their well dressed children along the streets of an upper class neighborhood near Seattle Washington. Each house concealed its unique story behind a screen of tall evergreen trees and fashionable forest landscaping.


Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 6th of January Report. Introduction: All characters involved in sexual acts are over 18 years old. If you would like to use it. Though it seemed impossible, my cock grew by easily another inch upon hearing this.

I'll take that as a yes. Her slim yet curvaceous body had me awestruck. Every move she made was provocatively sensual. Her breasts and ass bounced and jiggled with each elegant motion. I even spotted a reflection from her womanly juices that had flowed down the inside of her shapely leg.

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She leaned toward the night table, opened the second drawer and removed a large beach towel which she placed underneath herself on her side of the bed. She then grabbed a second towel and rolled it into a cylinder. She rolled over, handing me the large bottle of oil, and laid on her stomach with the rolled towel under her near her waist, to help prop her ass into the air for easier access.

I inspected the bottle of oil. I looked at her body.

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She was face down on the bed, her arms held a pillow under her neck and lower jaw. Her beautiful face was facing sideways, resting on the pillow. Her breasts were pressed against her and were squeezed outward creating the most stunning side boob. Her smooth, bare back arched naturally leading to her trim waistline. Then, her shapely, thick ass jutted upward with her legs slightly parted.

She placed her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them further apart to reveal her clean, puckered shit hole. Her legs were sensual, completely hairless, and her soft, delicate feet laid relaxed. I did as she said. First, however, I pressed the nozzle into her pussy, which startled her. It was clearly still sensitive. Upon removing the nozzle from her cunt, it was covered in her slippery juices.

I then pushed the tip of the nozzle against her puckered ass hole. She understand why I first put it in her pussy. Her juices allowed the nozzle to easily slide inside her ass. I opened the valve near the nozzle and oil began to flow, but then slowed as the pressure reduced inside the bottle. I then opened the relief port and the oil began flowing more quickly again. I thought I remembered hearing that a person would feel very full after about one or one and a half liters.

She was already at one liter and hadn't told me to close the valve. I used my free hand to massage her body, rubbing her back, her ass, her thighs.

Her pussy was dripping and she was nearing one and a half liters. Close them please. But when you remove the nozzle, be sure to replace it with something I'm sure you will think of something to put in my ass. I slowly, gently removed the nozzle and immediately replaced it with the head of my cock, pressing it against her trembling ass hole.

She groaned sensually as I pressed the head of my dick against her anus until it spread open, entering it suddenly as the ring of her ass slipped over my cock's hat. I want to feel all of you inside me.

My cock was still eleven inches in length from the excitement. I wasn't sure how all of it could fit. The further in I pushed my cock, the more it felt like her ass was sucking it in, swallowing it whole. She had the most perfect ass and seeing my cock deeply penetrating it was very free Seattle sex stories I kept fucking her deeper and deeper until I was easily nine inches deep in her ass! I could tell I was at a turn and I could feel the pressure of the almost two liters of oil pressing against the tip of my dick. I couldn't imagine what the pressure must have felt like for her.

I can take it all, I just know it! Her persistence amazed me. I did as she suggested, pushing my cock in deeper on each thrust, by only a little. After several minutes she did it! She took my entire cock! My hips finally slammed against her ass sending a shock-wave traveling through her ass cheeks with every subsequent thrust.

Your entire dick is in me right now! I enjoyed hearing her muffled moans and cries of pleasure she directed into her bedding, so not to wake her baby son who was sleeping in the next room. I'm getting close She was moving her her ass rhythmically, driving it upward and toward me as I thrusted into her. She very obviously loved the feeling of my huge cock driven deep into her ass, the feeling of the oil lubricating my shaft, allowing it to easily slide in and out of her shit canal, periodically pressurizing the oil in her stomach with every thrust.

Let's cum together.

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I'm almost ready By her motions, I could tell she was close, and so was I. I let go of her hands and lowered my body against her back. She was very warm and her elegant, bubbly ass felt amazing against my hips. I rocked back and forth, continuing to penetrate her shit-pipe with my eleven inches of meat. I wrapped my arms around her body. My right hand pushed its way between her and the bedding, just beneath her breasts. She was covered in just the slightest amount of sweat which made it fairly easy for my hand and arm to slip against her skin.

My right hand then made its way up between her ample milk bags.

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With another gentle motion, I cupped her left breast. It was very warm, soft, and, not surprisingly, slippery from the milk that had been leaking from it. Especially as her breast was being pressed against her by the bedding, my hand could only grasp a fraction of her milky, squishy boob.

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Even through her impressive bosom, I could feel her heart racing frantically. At the same time I was grabbing her breast with my right hand, I pushed my left hand under her stomach, sliding down to her soaking wet baby maker. Her clitoris was hard, her labia minora her inner pussy lips were drenched in her womanly juices.

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I explored her womanhood with my fingers before pushing my middle and ring fingers into her silky, wet breeding hole. I used my palm to rub and squeeze her clitoris and rhythmically put tension in her clitoris hood. Samantha shook and squirmed by her overwhelming need to release. Our bodies were totally synchronized.

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She clenched her hands on nearby bedding as if it was her only lifeline. Our motions had renewed desperation and want. We drove our bodies against each other, attempting to be closer. Time was lost and our minds felt almost linked as if we were one person.

I'm cumming!!! Tears rolled from her eyes as her body shook with the flood of ecstasy. At the same moment I had also reached my limit. With intense, almost seizure like thrusts, I exploded my seed deeply into the hot oil bath inside her ass. With every new second, I felt Samantha convulse and squeeze my fingers that were still blasting her cunt.

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In the spring of I landed a job as the overnight DJ on a radio station in Seattle.


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