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They provide mediation services for separated or divorced parents involved in disputes over custody and visitation of children.


The Santa Barbara Corpus includes transcriptions, audio, and timestamps free online Santa Barbara chat correlate transcription and audio at the level of individual intonation units. All transcriptions in the Santa Barbara Corpus parts can be dowloaded for free by clicking here. Metadata is available here. To access individual conversations and other discourse segments in the Santa Barbara Corpus, you may select the audio file and transcription you wish to download by consulting the Contents and Summaries.

The Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English is based on a large body of recordings of naturally occurring spoken interaction from all over the United States. The Santa Barbara Corpus represents a wide variety of people of different regional origins, ages, occupations, genders, and ethnic and social backgrounds. The predominant form of language use represented is face-to-face conversation, but the corpus also documents many other ways that that people use language in their everyday lives: telephone conversations, card games, food preparation, on-the-job talk, classroom lectures, sermons, story-telling, town hall meetings, tour-guide spiels, and more.

Chafe and Sandra A. For the publication of Parts 3 and 4, the authors are John W. Du Bois and Robert Englebretson. The Santa Barbara Corpus provides the main source of data for the spontaneous spoken portions of the American component of the International Corpus of English. In order to meet the specific de specifications of the International Corpus of English allowing comparison between American and other national varieties of Englishthe Santa Barbara Corpus data have been supplemented by additional materials in certain genres e. This is a conversation recorded in rural Hardin, Montana.

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Mae Lynne is a student of equine science, and is the main speaker. She is telling Lenore a visitor and near stranger about her studies. Doris, Mae Lynne's mother, is doing housework, but s the conversation near the end to discuss friends of their family. After-dinner conversation among four friends in San Francisco, California.

Participants are in their late twenties or early thirties. Harold and Jamie are a married couple, Miles is a doctor, and Pete is a graduate student from Southern California.

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A conversation among three friends who are preparing dinner together, recorded in Southern California. Roy and Marilyn are a married couple, and Pete is a friend visiting from out of town. All participants are in their early thirties. Family conversation recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The primary participants are three sisters all in their twenties.

A very lively interaction between two female cousins in their mid-thirties, recorded in Los Angeles, California. Task related interaction--an attorney preparing two witnesses to testify in a criminal trial. Recorded in San Francisco, California.

Rebecca is a lawyer, June and Rickie are the witnesses, and Arnold is Rickie's husband. Task-related talk, a teenage couple recorded in Mobile, Alabama. Kathy is helping her boyfriend Nathan prepare for a math test. A business conversation recorded in New Mexico. Brad and Phil are board members of a local arts society. Phil wants to talk business, while Brad keeps trying to leave to pick up his wife who's waiting for him at a bookstore.

Santa barbara corpus of spoken american english

A conversation among three friends before lunch, recorded in Tucson, Arizona. All three participants are retired women; Samantha Sam is 72, Free online Santa Barbara chat is 83, and Angela is University lecture, recorded in Riverside, California. This is a Chicano Studies class; the professor is the primary participant, although it is a small, summer school class, and nine members of the class occasionally interact.

The five participants are family members: Kendra the birthday girl and Kevin are siblings, Ken and Marci are their parents, and Wendy is Kevin's wife. This segment is highly interactional and contains a lot of overlap. Task related talkā€”this is a loan officers meeting, recorded in a bank in a small town in rural southern Illinois.

Joe and Fred are loan officers working for the bank. Jim is the president of the bank, and Kurt is a board member. A conversation among three friends, recorded in Los Angeles, California. Ken and Joanne are a couple, and Lenore is a friend of theirs. A sales encounter, recorded in an audio store in Santa Barbara. Tammy is planning to buy a new tape deck. Brad, a salesman at the audio store, is discussing various tape decks which he is trying to sell her. A task-related interaction recorded in a veterinarian office near Madison, Wisconsin. All five participants work in the office, some as secretaries and assistants and some as veterinarians.

A family conversation, recorded in Michigan. Frank and Jan a married couple are talking with Ron--Jan's brother who is visiting from California.

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Brett and Melissa are Frank and Jan's junior-high-age children, who are doing homework and also taking part in the conversation. The speaker is a pastor in his mid seventies. Task-related interaction, recorded in an air traffic control tower in Portland, Oregon. Lance is training to be an air traffic controller, and has just finished working a shift.

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A segment from a book discussion group, recorded in Topeka, Kansas. The eleven participants are all women between the ages of 46 and This segment consists of game-playing and game-teaching on a computer, and was recorded near Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Jennifer and Dan are a couple in their early twenties.

This is a segment from a lecture on the history and theology of Martin Luther, part of an evening class held at a church, recorded in Delaware. This is a city meeting, recorded in Chicago, Illinois. City officials interact with the public about a government grant which is being applied for, to fund community development.

The city can only apply once, so are soliciting applications from various organizations and will submit the one they judge as best. An entertaining science lecture and demonstration, recorded at a large public science museum in Chicago, Illinois. A very intimate long-distance telephone conversation between a romantic couple in their early twenties, which took place between Pennsylvania and California.

This is a business conversation recorded in Northern California between Seth and Larry, who are meeting for the first time. Seth works as an engineer who des, installs, and sells heating and air conditioning units. Larry has invited him to his home to give him an estimate. Face-to-face conversation recorded in a restaurant in Pullman, Washington. Sherry and Beth are sisters in their late twentiesand Rosemary is their mother.

The participants discuss what to order for lunch, interact with the waitress Jamie and engage in talk about family and friends while waiting for their food. A face-to-face conversation that takes place at an outdoor neighborhood 'block party' in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The three main participants are neighbors, age 60 and upward, all of whom happen to be named Tom. Discussion centers on life histories, World War II experiences, and neighborhood gossip. There are eight participants, all relatives or close friends.

Discussion centers around a disagreement Jennifer age 23 is having with her mother Lisbeth. A late-night face-to-face conversation recorded in Northampton, Massachusetts. Participants free online Santa Barbara chat a married couple Karen and Scott in their early twenties.

Karen has just returned home from work, and the two are talking while winding down for the evening. Face-to-face conversation recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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There are three participants and a baby. Lisa and Kevin are siblings, Marie the baby's mother is a friend of Lisa's.

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Much of the speech event focuses on interaction with, and talk about, the baby, as well as gossip about friends and co-workers. Informal, task-related cooking talk recorded in the kitchen of a family home in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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A family is making tamales. Main participants are Julia an year-old womanher daughter Doloresand grandson Shane. They are briefly ed by Kate Shane's sister who is watching TV in another room.

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This segment is part of a tour of Hoover Dam, on the Nevada-Arizona border. The presentation is highly practiced.