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Some documents on this are in PDF format. The online process is now available for persons seeking to apply for a permit. Click below to apply. Due to the large volume of applications received and delays in mail processing times, citizens are urged to apply utilizing the online application process located above.


I never found myself bored as can happen in a classroom setting.

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I was able to take advantage of all the different perspectives presented in the online discussions. I incorporated those discussions into my home protection and self defense plans. Mr Gill is obviously well versed in self defense and it shows throughout the class in his video presentations.

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The Federal and State laws were very clearly stated and the course does not pile in useless information. Thank you for this! It taught me a lot and it was great value for my bucks. It was very informative and helpful. It was a huge bonus knowing that I could work at my own pace.

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I feel I have built a greater respect and understanding of the importance of firearm ownership and use. Jeremy does a great job in the videos and lectures, and tells you what you need to know. I was able to review information as needed and watch the videos again if I missed something. I could work on the course when I had free time.

You can let information sink in and I feel like that is the best way to retain information. I would recommend it to anyone considering concealed carry. Online is not for everybody, but it certainly is for me. This course kept me interested and engaged at all times. I will recommend it to my oldest daughter who is eager to learn to shoot handguns. This was the perfect option for me!

Legislative news

New Mexico requires that concealed carry applicants complete an approved firearms training course that is no less than 15 hours long. While this allows ample instruction time to cover many of the topics and skills that you will need to legally and responsibly carry a firearm, it does not provide much in the way of student convenience. This means that you can complete up to 12 of the 15 required hours online, at your pace and place. Once you complete the online portion we will arrange a 3 hour live-fire range day that works with your schedule.

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Our online course is developed and integrated using Moodle, a world-class learning management system that is used, and trusted, by hundreds of institutions and colleges worldwide. The work and teaching done with handling and firing the firearm was excellent and I felt it was a key part of the course.

David E. Quite knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone interested in pistol shooting. Managed to make it fun and informative at the same time. Zach M. Thomas G. Yes, absolutely, it does. In fact, there have been many students who have already completed our online concealed carry course and have their New Mexico Concealed Carry. Once you have satisfactorily completed our online course and the live fire range day you will be able to apply for your New Mexico Concealed Carry .

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When does the course begin? Once you enroll in the course you will be ed your unique enrollment key and detailed instructions on how to start. What happens if I enroll in the online course and later decided that I would prefer a traditional course? If you enroll in our online course and later decide that you would prefer to take a traditional, all in the classroom, course, we will simply roll your registration and payment over to one of our regularly scheduled, traditional concealed carry courses.

You've waited long enough, you're ready.

Another benefit of training with us is that we invite any and all of our students to any of our concealed carry courses after they have obtained their NM CCL for free. This allows our students to reinforce the knowledge that was gained during their initial concealed carry course. Is the entire course online? No, while the majority of the course is online you will still have to meet with one of our instructors to demonstrate your handgun competency, as well as your knowledge and understanding of the topics and lessons presented online.

You will still meet in-person to gain hands-on handgun training.

What happens if I have a question while I am taking the online course? If you have a question that comes up while you are taking the online course give us a call or shoot us a text, We are more than happy to chat and answer any questions that you might have. I have never shot a gun before, should I take the online course, or an in-person course?

Whether or not you have shot a handgun before you will still receive the same level of quality, hands-on handgun training in our online course.

Online concealed carry training for the responsibly armed citizen – who cannot (or doesn’t want to) devote a weekend away from his/her obligations!

The online course, much like our in-person classroom instruction, will introduce you to the knowledge and topics needed to safely handle a handgun. This knowledge is then reinforced during the live-fire range day. We have found that those students who are the least comfortable with handguns benefit the most from the individualized training that is received after completing our online concealed carry course.

Enroll Today.

New Mexico requires that concealed carry applicants complete 15 hours of training Which usually requires a weekend away - if you can swing it. Gone are the days of having to wait for a New Mexico Concealed Carry Course that fits within your schedule, or having to request a weekend off.

Concealed Carry training that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

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Frequently Asked Questions. If you have been wanting to get your New Mexico Concealed Carrystop waiting to follow-through with it and the many other students who have received the required training on their schedule, not the other way around. Let's Get Started.

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