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Williams, R. Gaines, J.


Here are 43 secrets of Kansas City, from the haunting truth behind a canceled play at a local high school to a little-known shop selling returned Amazon products for pennies. Some of these items are hidden gems, others are local urban legends of widely varying degrees of truth. All are worth knowing about if you love Kansas City. Illustrations by Allison Kerek Williams.

No one knows why the cave in Roanoke Park was walled off—or why, after decades, it opened last month. People claim the outlaw Jesse James hid there on the run, that the bones of cattle rustlers are buried there or that schoolchildren went missing in its bowels.

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The cave was resealed sometime in the s for liability reasons, according to longtime parks department employee Dave Stark, who was actually a part of the crew that sealed it. A man-sized hole was left open.

Warm air from inside the earth poured steam out into the icy air. Some urban explorers took the opportunity to make their way inside the cave, which is flooded with chilly water and definitely not a safe place to be. Jim Cooley of the Missouri Speleological Society lives in the neighborhood and suspects a vandal broke in.

The downtown KCMO deck is free to visit and open from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon, weather permitting. To take a tour on a clear, warm day, bring your ID card down to the security desk in the basement. Hope to get Captain Joseph Isham, head of security, as your guide.

Isham often gives tours himself, putting his vast knowledge of the landmarks dotting the skyline to good use. Kansas City and its immediate suburbs have historically been lucky when it comes to avoiding tornadoes. Severe storm cells often move in from the west, seemingly headed straight for finding a Haven KS guy heart of the city, until they get to the small town of Tonganoxie, Kansas. There, almost as if by divine intervention, storm systems diverge to the north. However, ina tornado hit the small Leavenworth County town of Tonganoxie and caused massive damage. The venerable Jazz District barbecue t offered them free as an amuse-bouche.

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Random pieces of brisket are double smoked then sauced heavily. However, if you want authentic, old school burnt ends made from the edge of the brisket point, you can get them by ordering the 3 B sandwich.

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The mile-long paved trail around the park is lined with trees and features a bridge spanning Camp Creek. The park boasts a hillside, a man-made waterfall and an eighteen-acre lake where visitors can observe nature up-close. In the center of the River Market, The Blue Line is a homey spot for hockey fans, with memorabilia filling the walls and tabletops modeled after a rink. You can catch a game and enjoy made-from-scratch food. Owner Steve Stegall says it was always a dream of his to open a hockey bar.

The bar is most popular with St. Stories of Stull Cemetery hauntings started aroundwhen an overgrown pine tree fell and split the gravestone of a couple who had died nearly a century earlier. With this occurrence came rumors that the couple was involved in witchcraft. From there were reports that Stull was one of the seven gateways to hell and that a hidden staircase on cemetery property was a portal to the underworld.

In an interview, Grande told Complex that when she visited Stull, the smell of sulfur overwhelmed her car and that two weeks later, she started hearing whispers in her ear and seeing strange black matter in her room at night. Untilthe cemetery was home to the ruins of Evangelical Emmanuel Church, since demolished, which had a horde of fables itself—it was said that the church was built for wicked folk to practice their ways.

It was also claimed that a bottle marked with an inverted cross would not break if thrown against a wall of the church and if it did break, the person who threw it would die. Author Paul Thomas, a KU library staffer, has a special interest in the supernatural, so much so that he and his friends started a group in college called the Finding a Haven KS guy Hall Paranormal Investigation Team.

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He writes about Stull Cemetery in his book, Haunted Lawrence. Thomas says that although the legends of Stull Cemetery still linger, some of the luster has worn off. Downtown parking can be a hassle and expensive. From there, you can hop on the free streetcar to catch a game at the Sprint Center or a show at the Kauffman. One commonly overlooked feature at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museumaccording to vice president and curator Raymond Doswell, is a polaroid photograph that was donated to the museum.

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The photo is of the legendary Hank Aaron before he went on to play for the Atlanta Braves. Next to the photo is a correspondence from two MLB officials discussing how Aaron had the potential to be a great player. The Zambezi Zinger had a good run at Worlds of Fun. It was taken down a quarter-century later, in Urban legends swirl around the memorable ride, which some people believe was dumped into the Missouri River after an unfortunate incident.

Nothing bad happened on the ride. Normally, such a ride would be retired to the scrapyard. Roller coasters are really hard to move. Kansas City thrived under Prohibition, with dozens of speakeasies serving booze behind hidden doors and through tucked-away tunnels.

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Here are a few bars that are truly under the radar. This historic landmark building in the 18th and Vine District started as a union hall for African-American musicians in Pay the cover and gain access to an after-hours party where drinks are cheap and the music is hot. After other gigs, jazz artists come here to let loose. There are no set hours, no website and no phone for this alley-entrance sub-level nightclub around the corner from Fox and Pearl.

Shake and grind on the dance floor, or sink into one of the vintage couches with a cocktail strong enough to inspire bold moves and bad decisions. Follow inthelowestferns on Instagram for event updates. The open-air backyard unfolds like a hidden oasis: Plants and succulents are everywhere, string lights zigzag overhead and a spiral staircase le to a second-story lounge overlooking the dreamy scene below. The drink of choice here is Miller High Life.

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Follow panthersplacekc on Instagram for hours and updates. The back room at Monarch Bar is called the Parlour, and it looks nothing like the bright, marbled main room of this lavish Plaza cocktail emporium.

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The room seats sixteen and requires reservations and a steep minimum expense. On the weekends, guests at the main Monarch Bar may be allowed in when space is available.

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Open Thursday-Saturday but subject to restricted hours due to private events. This space, located on the top floor of The Majestic Restaurant, started as a brothel and was once an office to Pendergast himself. Guests can order from the Majestic food menu and enjoy a walk-in humidor. Non-members are sometimes admitted to the Pendergast Club if they are already dining at the Majestic, but this privilege is always up to the management. You can book out the space for a fee. Joni Bocelewatz took over the bar in and today runs it with her son, Sam.

Either will be quick to regale you with tales of spooky incidents like doors slamming and lights flickering, but they will also reassure you that the spirits are not malevolent, just restless. Joni is a Wiccan high priestess, so you should feel safe with her around. Sincethe forest has been a sanctuary for birds, animals and native plants. Shirling Sanctuary is as natural as possible.

Routine maintenance that eradicates invasive species like wild honeysuckle, winter creeper and Japanese knotweed is crucial to keeping the wildlife inside alive. By the time naturalists discovered how invasive the plant was, it had taken over the city. When Lehrbaum and KC WildLands started work in Shirling inovergrown invasives had choked out the entire forest.

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Founded in with a donation of 42, items, the collection has grown to include overrecordings, including music, prose and broadcasts on formats ranging from archaic wax cylinders to microcassettes to CDs. Ina small settlement in northwest Missouri wanted to establish a post office. Residents wrote a letter to the postmaster general, stating that the settlement was to be named Excelsior.

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The postmaster general wrote them back saying the name Excelsior was already taken by another town in Missouri. The town wrote back with two finding a Haven KS guy name options, but again they were already in use. And thus, Peculiar was born, thanks to the good humor of the postmaster general. One notable find is a paper written by Marie Curie describing her work to isolate polonium and radium. A fourteen acre arboretum surrounds the library, which also has public exhibits. The current exhibit, Gifts from the Nile, features travel s from s explorers.

The store, which has locations in KCK, Olathe currently closed for renovation and Belton, sells shipments of opened or returned products from major corporations like Amazon. Products are scattered in industrial-sized bins throughout the store, and everything is, yes, five dollars. Go on Saturday or Sunday for the best supply—the store restocks the bins with fresh products throughout the weekend. KC has long had a civic obsession with nobility, from the Chiefs to the Monarchs and Kings then back to the Royals.

It only makes sense, then, that the city has its fair share of castles, complete with picturesque stone walls, towers and turrets. Finished inthe large Italianate house was home to the Austrian-American Sauer family for several generations. The house currently sits unoccupied and in an unfortunate state of dilapidation, owing largely to frequent trespassing and vandalism. Legends of grizzly tragedy and hauntings have plagued the house since the s. These legends are not completely unwarranted.

Lopp resides in New York City and has received criticism over his alleged failure to adequately care for the historic landmark. Before that, the castle was home to the Caenen family, who lent their name to Caenen Street, which runs along the east side of the castle all the way down to southern Johnson County.

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Wichita entrepreneur and farmer Clint Brauer as he sets out to change organic farming, starting with herbicidal robotics that would eliminate herbicides and tilling.


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W hen Dollar General came to Haven, Kansas , it arrived making demands.


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