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It's not been an easy year for Wayne Pivac and Wales, but they finished it with a much-needed victory over Italy in Llanelli. Wales finished a difficult autumn campaign with a victory over Italy that wasn't quite as comfortable as the final scoreline suggested. While they ran out victors, they were staring down the barrel of an unwanted shock midway through the second-half before a strong finish secured the win.


Of all the off-screen personas in Uncut GemsI knew next to nothing about Diamond. The internet offered piecemeal fragments. Diamond has an unmistakable appearance. Upon arrival, I find him at Bella Blu talking to the bartender louder than most yell. He dons his usual scarf, sunglasses, and thick coiffure.

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I scan the shelf behind the bar. What are you gonna do? Now I gotta be careful, I gotta be real careful now. Just the way it needs to be, without all that shit on it, a pizza. I want a whole pizza, just like this. I grew up here. I was the biggest guy in the Garment Center years ago.

I was like Pied Piper to the Sicillian kids, the Italian kids, because I did very good and was very generous.

He put me in business with Marie Oliphant [a seamstress] in the Garment Center. If anybody ever knew what was the right thing to do, was it Meyer Lansky. Street smarts are the most important thing in the world. My parents were both college professors, and I love learning. I was ADD most of my life and then my daughter went to Harvard and she used to send me all the books.

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I started getting into all sorts of plays. I like Chekhov, I like Shakespeare, I liked everything. I started getting so entrenched in that, and when I retired about 25 years ago from the dress business, sold most of my business, I was depressed for like 5 years because it was a big business.

Wales italy: wayne pivac's side ends tough with victory

I was important. But then I started getting myself pretty much together. You know, like you just gave me here? Another calories. I count my calories!

I count every fucking thing I eat now. HUNT: Was acting your first venture in retirement, or were you trying other things? I do the Hamptons for three to four weeks. I used to live in a place called Fisher Island for 20 years, major real estate there,square feet right on the ocean. I sold my house in Owslebury.

And the other kids are into other areas. HUNT: Did you have an early interest in the dress industry? Can you say more about how you got into that with Meyer Lansky? I was a pretty poor kid. So I worked selling bagels—whatever I fucking had to do I did to make some money.

And I took a bus—all these rich motherfuckers on Long Island, who I just wanted to bury one day in my life, because they were just not the nicest people I knew—I ended up taking the Greyhound bus to Miami where I met Meyer Lansky. I was a pound kid with long blonde hair. I just rode the bus for 24 hours. He was really nice.

We talked for a long time. He asked me to add a lot of s up and I did that. I became the greatest dress deer. I really was the best. People are people. I always loved acting. I did a couple of plays when I was really young in junior high. I always wanted to be in a major movie role.

I did a lot of little roles with the Safdie brothers, a lot of videos. They all love me. Matzah pizza, Matzah pizza! I felt so myself.

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His wife is lovely, great family guy. The Safdies, Josh, and his brother, Darius [Khondji] the cinematographer—everybody was pumping for each other. It was like a communal exercise. It was like being on a kibbutz, everybody was working for each other.

It was on my bucket list and I did it. I wish I could do it again. Gimme a break, I love this shit. I love working with young people.

Everybody feels like they have no opportunity. But you gotta really work harder, you know? Cuz you got all these assholes running around New York, these trust fund scumbags.

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The ultimate goal is to feel well and feel good about yourself because you did good, not because your fucking father or grandfather did good. It has nothing to do with money. HUNT: But seeing that motivated you to do it differently? To strike it big in a better way? The movie made me feel great about myself, it gave me self-confidence. Everybody was laughing all the time. Everybody was working so freaking hard. I love to see people go for it.

I know Ronny from Oceanside, Long Beach. HUNT: I hope he directs again. I liked Frownland.

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I know what the Safdies did. I know my favorite movies. That was my favorite director, man, what was his name? Leone had the best movies. It is what it is, the greatest. They wanted me to wear some like pound leather pants, like what the fuck?

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I went to Chrome Hearts to get a nice pair of leather pants, but they said too much money. I said okay, so I wore my black jeans and a leather jacket. I got my own shit. I dress the same all the fucking time. I hope to god Adam gets the Academy Award. He was different, he was serious.

That one minute scene for three-and-a-half hours! What the fuck was I doing there? I had them laughing so hard in that helicopter, the driver was laughing his ass off.

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You got a heavy red wine? I gotta cook today too. The Weekend is the greatest guy. Garret [Kevin Garnett] was unbelievable, what a nice guy. Stanfield, great. My wife and him went viral. My wife was there holding [Chalamet] up for two hours.

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Nobody knows who it was holding him up, but if anyone asks you, you can tell them it was Helen Diamond, for two-and-a-half hours.