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  • My age:
  • 41
  • What is my nationaly:
  • I'm finnish
  • Sexual identity:
  • Male
  • Eyes:
  • I’ve got soft blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • Favourite drink:
  • Champagne
  • Stud:
  • I don't have piercings


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Your Experience With Italian Men??? You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Fool In Love.

Nyc’s 23 top italian restaurants

ed Mar 11, Messages 2, Reactions 15, 10 17 Alleybux 54, I'm not talking the tanned up ghetto guido like Pauly D or Mike ed Jul 15, Messages 11, Reactions 26, 17 16 Alleybux -3, He had a temper. A bad one. Yelled a lot. Was racist against Mexicans and knew quite a few racial slurs for just about every other ethnicity. In short, he was a douchebag.

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There's another Italian cop on base that I try to avoid because every time we come in contact with each other things don't go very well. How you can manage to be rude to someone as quiet as I am is beyond me, but he does it every time. I know not all Italians are like this, I'm just sharing my experiences. La Bomba.

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ed Jun 11, Messages 7, Reactions 13, 12 13 Alleybux 14, I dated one last year I miss him. No but he was great to look at A few months into talking, he was always asking me when he was going to hit, and the sad thing is I was 7 years younger than him, so you'd think that at his age he'd be a bit more mature about it and wait for me. I also found out he had a kid. I had to cut off all ties. I actually met an Italian dude at school a few days ago, but we are just talking right now. We'll see how it goes. ed Jul 25, Messages 15, Reactions 44, 99 37 Alleybux 52, You have good ones and you have bad ones.

ed Jul 3, Messages 4, Reactions 7, 18 5 Alleybux 31, I had this Sicilian he refuses to call himself Italian I was feeling.

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He was feeling me. We're good friends though! Chi Baby Yeah. ed Sep 26, Messages 55 Reactions Alleybux 30, I use to work with this Italian man.

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He liked me but told me we had to be discreet because his family would not accept me. He was fine, but I told him I refuse to be anybody's secret lover. ed Sep 16, Messages 1, Reactions 7, 1 3 Alleybux 12, I married one. We share the same values. He's traditional like I am which is really hard to find these days.

He's also a gentlemen.

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Thank God! On the downside, as much as I love his family they are intrusive and can be clingy. We let is sister stay with us for what was supposed to be a couple of weeks, after breaking up with her boyfriend to find a new place, that couple of weeks turned into a month and a half. He thought it was okay. I told his ass no it wasn't!!!!!!!!!! When I stopped cooking and washing clothes for his ass he realized I was pissed and she was gone within the week!

There are good and bad men of all races, OP. What I've learned about Italians is that they can be a lot like African Americans, in that they come from tight nit families. Regal Mess. ed May 3, Messages 19, Reactions 38, Alleybux 80, If I could afford a personal chef, best believe his ass would be Italian and I would have dating an italian Grove man licking this slit as a side hustle.

Everything else he could keep. Emerald Diamond. ed May 2, Messages 4, Reactions 11, 64 48 Alleybux 24, Oohh, now you're talking! But in all honesty, it does vary. In general, Italian men from Italy appreciate women for our feminine qualities and charm. Whether its a bunk up or proper dating, they'll be interested in what you're like, how charming you are and yes, what you look like. Culturally, he might be used to women who make an effort and wouldn't walk out on the street without checking their appearance is on point.

Some might even be straight up shallow like that- but those ones don't hide it, so no harm no foul I say.

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For the type of man you describe, I dated one guy when we were both at uni and we're still friends til this day. He was a shy type initially, whereas many others will be more forward, but he still made a consistent effort to talk to me and kinda crept up on me with his intensity and shy-guy charm.

From the type of dates we went on, friends and snooping other people on dates, I found the educated type to be pretty sweet, going for ice creams, walks around town along picaresque streets as sun sets, going for drinks or eating at fun restaurants. All dependent on budget, of course. I just think they have a concept of what a date should involve and that it should be memorable. Trying to impress!

Big city texan girl meets small town italian boy. chaos ensues.

Just observing male-female platonic relationships, it amazed me how casual their flirtations were. Just friendly, not necessarily on the hustle. Maybe the last thing I notice that may be useful to your question, is Italian men understand strong women.

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He won't be afraid because you say what you think and pull him up for acting silly. If he hasn't got a mamma, there'll be females in the family to have set the tone. That also means that whether he's a dominant type or not, he'll probably look to take cues on where the relationship goes from you. The flirt phases doesn't stop after the 3rd date.

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But an Italian from outside or living away from Italy will be slightly different. They blend a little more with the domestic norm! ed Dec 9, Messages 4, Reactions 24, 55 Alleybux 13, I dated a couple Italian men.

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The first one was very vocal about his steretypical views on black folks so that didn't work. He also seemed a little shady. I didn't date him long. The second Italian guy I dated was loud and sweaty, ghetto actually.

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Frances Alban was quickly approaching her 39th birthday and well-aware of her single status.


June 12th was my one year wedding anniversary with my Italiano.


Every week a large of foreign nationals and native Italians online dating sites internet site and begin trying to find their most suitable date, loved one, friend or perhaps prospective foreseeable future spouse.