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  • Years:
  • I am as old as I look
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  • I’ve got warm green eyes
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  • Opera
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  • I don't have piercings


Monday, Sunnyvale police returned to the scene of a weekend shooting that left one teenager dead, and one person hospitalized. Two people were shot late Saturday night at a house party involving a home that was rented out on Airbnb, the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety said. One of them died. Jorge Diaz, 32, entered the home and attacked the woman while she was sleeping in bed.


Right after the war, this kind of dress would have been cause for imprisonment. As Vietnam opened up to the West in the early nineties, dress codes were relaxed.

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The Arleigh Buirke class guided missile destroyer is on the second port call by an American military vessel since the Vietnam War ended three decades ago. The strong crew of the ship will spend six days in the city where US Marines landed in Marchbecoming the first American combat troops in Vietnam. Getting the required visa from the Vietnamese government is a breeze.

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The longer she knows, the longer I have to bear the pain. Thirty-six years after the Vietnam War ended, Communist government officials openly welcome Vietnamese-Americans back, even those who fought against them. But another Civil War has erupted, this one pitting Vietnamese-American women against their husbands and boyfriends who want to return to the Southeast Asian country.

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They attack! She said she lost her man to such a love guerrilla a few years ago. The tension over this issue has reached epic proportions in the Bay Area Vietnamese community and elsewhere.

Vietnamese comedy skits poke fun at the household strife and pop performers sing about it. They eat better. They exercise. And they are not afraid to let foreigners know they are open to a frolic, a fling or something more serious.

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Even at the hotel. You check in and they hit on you.

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Otherwise, I get into trouble. Not long ago, a buddy of his overstayed a two-week second visa issued by his girlfriend. Guys 50 and over can get girls who are in their 20s and look like models. A friskiness permeates the culture in Vietnam that many men visiting from other countries find irresistible.

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The apparent role reversal is driven in part by the popularity of Western culture and poor economic conditions in Vietnam. Indeed, Nguyen, a year-old who works in customer service but is now unemployed, said his girlfriend in Vietnam recently dumped him because he failed to find a good job in Vietnam. Viet Kieu, the term for ethnic Vietnamese living overseas, and foreigners are seen as ideal catches for some women because they can support them and their families. Nguyen Le, a year-old who operates a Ho Chi Minh City sidewalk cafe, says she and other women are attracted to Viet Kieu and foreigners for a of reasons, the first being financial security.

In the eyes of a foreigner, love is more important than it is with Vietnamese gentlemen. Still, some men say the suspicion that most Vietnamese-American males come here just to play is overblown — plenty of Viet Kieu come back only for business or family visits. We have been together for more than 40 years.

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Nonetheless, his wife, taking no chances, refuses to issue the former officer in the South Vietnamese military a second visa. Increasingly, some Vietnamese say, the appeal of foreigners is waning because of a new class of wealthy Vietnamese, including many multimillionaires. And some Viet Kieu males have a bad reputation because they act like playboys who throw money around and convince women they are sincere in their affections — only to disappear when they return to the United States. Some who marry and bring their new bride home to the United States have discovered the women envisioned a much richer lifestyle than they can provide, leading to strife and divorce.

Viet Kieu men receive little sympathy from Viet Kieu women for their dalliances, whether they lead to love or heartbreak. Vietnamese-American women place strict rules on men returning to homeland.

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