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  • I am 29
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  • My body features is quite slim
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  • In my spare time I love fishkeeping


At first, I really enjoyed watching and somethings search for love and marriage in this traditional manner. By the end of the eight-episode series, however, I felt nauseous. Unlike some of my white friends who watched on carefree, I was disturbed by the obvious displays of classism, ethnocentrism, and colourism in the show. The Netflix series glossed over this uglier side of matchmaking, but as a Black American Muslim woman who has ly been rejected by potential suitors based solely on race and ethnicity, I cannot look past it. And when I say dating, I mean dating-to-marry, because as an observant Muslim, I only pursue romantic relationships with one goal in mind: marriage. I encounter the same annoyances found within Western dating culture Muslim women too get ghosted, mostedand harassedbut due to cultural baggage that is often conflated with Islamic tradition, I am more likely to come head-to-head with sexism, ageism, and racism.


For better or much, much worse, dating in SF is not like dating in any other city.

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It just isn't. Whether it's because we're sometimes too laid back or because we have the best date hikes in the entire worldyou won't find another place like it to try to find your lobster.

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In case you're new to the SF dating game, here's what you're up against:. And yes, there will be emojis.

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So many emojis. How else are you supposed to ask someone if they want to get pizza and bang?

The hidden racism of the muslim marriage market

But still keep following you. So hey: two hundred and one followers. In theory, this is okay and the girl should probably buy a round or two. In practice, this kind of sucks. Or their cable and Internet go out.

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On the flip side though, for every person who moves away, a new one moves here. No one dresses up To be fair, this is just a San Francisco thing in general, but even for a date, guys will show up in a hoodie and the free T-shirt they got at their last tech meet-up. Meanwhile girls have decided that leggings, flats, and a messy bun are completely acceptable. Or all three.

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And, yes, that person will make more money in a month than you do all year. Two birds, or whatever.

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Yes, they may be approaching their 40s, but a lot of SF's daters have no desire to get married, have kids, or do anything their friends in the Midwest did well over a decade ago. Or Match.

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Or OKCupid. SF is tech-savvy and one of the benefits to that is that people actually aren't afraid to online date.

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So go ahead, swipe right. Just not if there are pictures of tigers or duck faces involved.

When relationships do happen, they move quickly

Just me? Never mind then. And then start dating the new person.

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And repeat. Or, you know, just fall in love and stay in love.

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That happens too! And you should probably wait until the sun goes down to start drinking?

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You can shoot bows and arrows, play mini golf, do a sidewalk food tour, or even just end up at a super-cool bar. One of the best parts about dating? Learning about the person. But also learning about SF. Daisy Barringer has yet to meet someone she likes more than pizza, but not for a lack of trying. Follow her on Twitter daisy. This article was originally published on February 9, Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.