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My name is Dr. Phil Chanin, and I am a d and board certified clinical psychologist who provides psychotherapy to adults, couples, and groups in Nashville, TN.


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The Martha Stewart verdict is screaming from the headlines as I begin to write these lines. Martha used to be something of an idol to me. Before landing in a TennThe Martha Stewart verdict is screaming from the headlines as I begin to write these lines. Before landing in a Tennessee State Prison on what I still believe to be a wrongful conviction, I was known among friends as a gourmet chef.

I loved to shop until I dropped and was very attached to having the perfect life. I understand Martha and the fears she is facing. May her experience be as revealing to her as mine as been to me. To understand what brought me to where I am today, I first must tell you my personal story. As you read through it, you may notice that there is a lot of focus on career, achievement, and buddhist dating service Tennessee.

From the time that I left school, protecting my independence was the driving force behind everything I did. As a result, I never married, never had children. Worldwide destinations and people were collected rather than experienced and when I look back now, I realize how much time I wasted on going places instead of getting to know places. I started my life as the first child of a young German couple who were madly in love at the time I came into this world.

Later they had two other children, my younger brothers, who are both successful in their elected careers today. As I dreamed of becoming a teacher, but job prospects were dim by the time I was ready to embark on my studies. So I put my bets on my linguistic abilities and enrolled in a commercial college to prepare for a career in international sales.

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InI was very lucky to get one of the coveted apprenticeships with ITT. At the time I was in the process of saving money for my first trip to the United States, and I had intended to go see some of his concerts. It was a shock to the teenager in me. I had felt a strange kinship with him from the time I turned 15 and got one of his records for my birthday. Eventually I decided to continue saving and in at the age of 18, I booked a charter flight to New York, trekked down to Memphis, and fell in love with the city and its people.

The next two years I attended college and worked as an intern. Thanks to my performance, I was awarded a scholarship at Cambridge.

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Inon a third trip to Memphis, I was made an honorary citizen of Shelby County because I had begun promoting Memphis music with German radio stations. I was just 20 at the time, but because of a hiring freeze was immediately appointed junior area manager of the department. In the early eighties, China was beginning to open the floodgates to much-needed merchandise from the West. Peter was highly charismatic and I was amazed by his wisdomwhich he applied to every decision he made.

When an older colleague left ITT to become the export director of a small German outfit, he offered me a job with the small electrical appliance manufacturer with the promise of extensive worldwide travel and the prospect of a better income. By the age of 23, I was an international sales executive handling the gigantic Far Eastern and North American markets for a company struggling to stay afloat. We needed customers like Peter Tam, and he came on board because he trusted me. I was ased a secretary and allowed to work with lots of buddhist dating service Tennessee.

It even made the national news shows. I was now 25 and had enough money to take a sabbatical. For the longest time, I had dreamed of spending an extended period of time in the United States. In the five years I had traveled to Tennessee, New York, and Arizona frequently as a tourist and loved Nashville in particular. By then, I was a huge fan of country rock. I quit my job in Marchtook my savings and spent six months in Music City, USA, hanging out with music-business types.

In other words, I had tons of fun. I liked the fast-paced, materialistic American lifestyle and became a big spender. It was hard to imagine going back into the regimented German job market. The company was slated to open International Operations within 12 months.

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A lot of the material I translated was for commentaries the editor-in-chief presented during political shows. I was working with reporters on the scene in Beirut, which was the war zone of the day. About eight months later, FedEx came calling. I met the German sales directors for an interview. They hired me on the spot.

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In July I went to work at the Stuttgart station, located in a huge hangar near the airport. I liked the FedEx culture and the incentives: a brand-new BMW for a company car, training trips to Brussels and Memphis, sales bonuses and sales rallies. Finally, I was a teacher. Responsible for the training of the entire European sales force, I thrived on the challenges the position offered. It was probably the most fun I had in an employment situation. By mid, I learned through the company grapevine that FedEx was going to reduce its intra-European network.

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When the European VP Sales left to work for a competitor, I knew it was time to put my in the hands of head-hunters. After sending out only 10 applications, I landed a job with a small electrical appliance manufacturer in Nuremberg, Germany. At the time I was dating Michel, a five-star chef and restaurant manager in Genk, Belgium.

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He was supportive of my career move but disappointed about the fact that I decided to move back to the south of Germany. In January ofI started my position as brand manager and export director for hair salon appliances in the medieval Bavarian city. For the first few months I made weekly trips to Belgium. The relationship suffered further when I had to cut my sojourns in Eastern Belgium to once a month because business took me to Hong Kong, China, Singapore and the U.

Once again, I worked with Peter who had since moved to Australia. He helped me with some contacts in other Asian countries. Sales increased rapidly, which made me an instant asset to my new employer. The owner and I discussed business opportunities for space heaters, another product he manufactured, in the United States.

This resulted in a six-month marketing research stint for me in the U. I chose to work out of Nashville, where I felt right at home.

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Before long, I had secured clients such as Lowes and Target. We shipped some 60, space heaters to these two retailers in the winter of Belgium and Michel, by now, were distant memories.

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Then one of our top guns, the technical director, left the company to work for a competitor. After I returned from the U. I was reluctant at first, but when the company offered to double my present salary and allow me to work in a place of my choice in the U. Nonetheless, an inner voice that kept telling me that I was biting off more than I could chew.

My intuition proved to be prophetic. As VP of U. After digging in my heels, I soon realized that trying to launch an unknown consumer appliance brand in the U. We were at odds over strategy. However, when I contacted the German production plant they could only produce half by the deadline. Once our grills hit the store shelves, there was no promotional back-up. Hence, the company canceled the rest of the order, on hold in a Memphis warehouse or in transit from Germany.

We already had a backlog of coffee makers and heaters from orders that had only partially materialized. Warehouse expenses were virtually eating us alive.

On top of that, we had quality problems which led to recalls. We had trouble paying our vendors and more than once the company could barely make payroll. At the Gourmet Show in San Francisco, we had a visit from an overstock broker who initially agreed to buy some of our reject merchandise. Eventually, the company bought all of our overstocks, which allowed us to pay our bills, including those to Germany. During this period, the chief of engineering who had talked me into ing the company, left and became a director at yet another competitor.

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His new outfit was owned by a Croatian business magnate who had once been close friends with my current boss. For some reason they were now arch enemies.

At the time, I had heard rumors that my boss was in the process of selling his company to a competitor in Boston and knew that this was putting my position in jeopardy. A month later my partner and I flew to Europe and toured the small factory. A tentative distribution agreement was ed. A week after my return to the U. My boss was furious because I was doing business with his arch enemy.