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Bodybuilding as a hobby or just a way of keeping in shape in one thing, but competing as a amateur or a professional is a completely different situation. When fans of the sport see a bodybuilder get bad or not look his best, sometimes they do not really see what the athlete is going through. Jon De Le Rosa is a great example of this and he talked about the subject on his official Instagram after another poor result at the Chicago Pro. Well, that did not go as planned!


After months of prep, it's T-minus 10 days to your big show or shoot. Here's how to organize the home stretch to be as ripped as possible on the big day! Professional bodybuilders, fitness and cover models are specialists in body transformation, both in the long and short term. In the days leading up to a show or photo shoot, these athletes make more dramatic physique changes than most people make over the course of a given year.

You may have no interest in competing on stage, and that's totally fine. However, if you need to look your best for an upcoming photo shoot, class reunion, or important date, you could learn a lot from people who have been there and done that many times before! What you are about to learn are the Cliff's Notes for the pre-contest physique competitor. This is not a lifestyle diet; it's a guide to look your absolute best for a specific event, using pre-contest strategies from the world's top bikini, fitness model and figure competitors.

I don't recommend putting your body through this more than twice each year—and trust me, you wouldn't want to. Still on board? Let's shred. Figure out the day you want to look your best. This day will be called Day 1, bodybuilding dating Rosa when you're 10 days away from your big day, you can post "I'm 10 days out! You can make dramatic improvements to your appearance in just 10 days, but only if you put in the proper work prior to starting this diet.

In order for this guide to work, you need to start it with a decent degree of muscle mass and be sure your body fat levels are close to your goal look.

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For men that will be around percent body fat, and for women, approximately percent body fat. Your body fat stores should be low enough that you already sport a six-pack. Your six-pack doesn't need to pop, but all six abdominals should be clearly visible in the mirror while flexing.

The ifbb pro took over the mr. olympia's ig for a day.

If they are not, keep training and eating clean, and revisit this protocol when you're ready for the finishing touches. It's almost impossible to lose more than pounds of pure fat in 10 days—even on the most extreme diets. So don't kid yourself into thinking you've lost plus pounds of fat once this diet is over. On the flipside, it is possible to drop more than 10 pounds of weight in 10 days. Most of it will be in the form of water, but that's OK, because when you drop water from an already lean and muscular body, you look tighter, hotter, and more defined!

This is the key to your success: learning how to manipulate your fluid bodybuilding dating Rosa so you look as good as possible for your big day. During each day of the week, you're going to consume 10 calories for every pound of body weight. This means a pound male or female will take in 1, calories in a day.

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Why don't we drop your calories even further? Because you can't shed that much body fat in one week—it's impossible!

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No matter how much you cut back your calories, you can't force fat off your body. The goal here is to reduce your calories ificantly, but not so much that you start burning ificant amounts of muscle mass. When you go on a low-calorie diet—body weight x 10 is low—it's almost guaranteed that you'll start burning muscle mass to some degree as your body hunts down any ready source of fuel. Before you start this guide, you should taper your calories to the point where you're eating body weight x This should allow you to shed some body fat without burning any of your hard-earned muscle.

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It should be no surprise that protein intake is absolutely critical when you try to achieve extreme muscle definition. From Day 10 through Day 4, you'll consume 1.

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This means our pound subject will consume grams of protein per day. Why are we consuming an excessive amount of protein? The additional protein promotes fat burning and muscle sparing, but you should take in plenty of amino acids so your body won't be put into a position to break down muscle tissue to access that protein.

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Don't worry, you only do this for a few days, not the rest of your life. As for protein sources, stick to foods your body is familiar with. This is no time to experiment. If your diet has been primarily chicken, turkey, and beef, then stand fast to those three items as your protein sources.

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My top protein sources are white fish, extra lean beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon. It's best to avoid liquid protein such as protein shakes and egg whites during this process. Liquid meals make the diet more difficult to follow, because of their rapid digestion. I also eliminate dairy for the final 10 days to prevent water retention. One of the trickiest factors in contest-prep is carb manipulation. That works out to 90 grams for our pound subject. On Day 5, you bodybuilding dating Rosa your carbs to a quarter gram per pound of body weight, or 45 grams per pounds. Then it gets interesting.

On Day 4, you reduce your carbs to zero—except for fresh vegetables, which are considered "free foods. This works out to at least grams for our pound subject. Carbs hold water, so during these final bodybuilding dating Rosa days I back away from my vegetables. Throughout the 10 days, consume carbs at about the same time you were consuming them during your diet leading up to the shred. It's best to spread carb intake out across smaller meals—for example, eight or nine meals instead of four or five.

Also, consider supplementing with a digestive enzyme to help break down carbs during your carb-load. The hardest part of the diet will be the first seven days. If you can make it, your body is going to act like a sponge when we carb-load during days ! During that first week, the goal is to deplete your body of glycogen stores by gradually eliminating all carbs—this encourages ificant fat burning! It's OK if you look soft and skinny after several days of depleting—that's the point.

Over the last three days, you fill out your muscles by taking in plenty of complex carbs such as rice, potatoes, yams and oatmeal. This increases your glycogen stores and pushes water into the muscles, giving you a full and round appearance for your big day. The carb-loading phase is the fun part of the shred and ensures you look as good as possible. Reel back on your fat intake to just a quarter gram per pound of body weight, which is 45 grams for our pound subject. Cutting back on your fat is what might make you feel miserable, because fat helps produce your "happy" hormones and produces feelings of satisfaction.

If you really want to drop your body fat on Days 10 to 4, then drop your fat intake to zero. But I'll warn you, you're going to feel like crap! If you choose to keep in the fats, stick to whole-food sources such as mixed nuts or avocado.

How much can you really improve in 10 days?

You will consume your fats at the same times you were consuming them during your diet leading up to this. Nothing changes in fat timing.

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Why do you have to cut back on fats so much? Even though they are healthy, fats are caloric, and, since you need to cut your calories back by 15 percent, it makes sense to start there. Sodium can cause you to bloat up and or hold water under your skin.

Manipulating salt intake is crucial to looking bodybuilding dating Rosa defined as possible. From Days 10 to 2, start actively salting your meals and even consider adding some small amounts of salt to your water. By doing this, you'll encourage your system to start actively excreting both salt and water. You will continue this until two days out from the big date. On Days 2 and 1, drop the salt completely and become very cautious of any form of salt.

Now is the time to start reading labels and make sure none of the foods you're eating have sodium in them. For example, no more liquid egg whites or protein shakes—both have a lot of sodium.

Unfortunately, this means no more sodium-heavy hot sauces, or most sauces in general. You will find out how tough you really are! Why is your salt intake so critical? Sodium has a remarkable effect on fluid balance, both inside and outside of your muscles. The goal in cutting is to suck fluid from the outside of your muscle cells to their inside, giving them a full and shapely look.

It consisted of a fitness challenge and physique challenge, and after I competed in the fitness challenge I was told that only the Top 10 would compete in the physique challenge. I wasn't in the Top 10, so that night I went to celebrate at Yellowtail, the sushi restaurant at the Bellagio, where I consumed more than 20 rolls of sushi.

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And what did I dip them in? Lots of soy sauce, loaded with sodium! The next morning I got an saying I actually did qualify for the physique challenge. I screamed at my computer, "No! I can't believe this! I ended up competing and did well, but I would have looked better if I didn't pound back that soy sauce the night before. Lesson learned! If you did nothing else but manipulate your water intake, you would see a dramatic change in appearance.

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The first step is jacking your water up to a set amount, 2 liters higher than your normal daily intake.