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What do tennis star Serena Williams, U. Kamala Harris and businesswoman Mellody Hobson have in common?


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Vacations and Getaways of the First Families. A Reflection of Culture, Values, and Achievements. At the time of its publication, the book was controversial. It soured her close relationship with Mrs. Lincoln and destroyed the reputation of both women. Her story is integral to White House history and understanding the experiences of enslaved and free Black women. The circumstances surrounding her birth were complex. Although it is unknown how this pregnancy came to be and the nature of the relationship between Aggy and Burwell, it is likely the pregnancy was the result of rape or a non-consensual encounter.

Even though Elizabeth was not his child, George remained devoted to Agnes and Elizabeth and she considered him her father.


Elizabeth also did not know the truth behind her parentage until later in life. Show Me More. Elizabeth grew up with other enslaved children and assisted her mother in her work as an enslaved domestic servant. Aggy was highly valued by the Burwells.

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She was well liked by the Burwell children and the family even permitted her to read and write. Aggy also sewed clothing for the family, a skill she taught her daughter. My old mistress encouraged me in rocking the cradle, by telling me that if I would watch over the baby well, keep the flies out of its face, and not let it cry, I should be its little maid.

This was a golden promise, and I required no better inducement for the faithful performance of my task. I began to rock the cradle most industriously, when lo! I instantly cried out, "Oh!

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The blows were not administered with a light hand, I assure you, and doubtless the severity of the lashing has made me remember the incident so well. This was the first time I was punished in this cruel way, but not the last.

Unfortunately, these happy moments were short-lived.

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George was given two hours to say goodbye to his family. Elizabeth related the details of the painful separation in her memoir:. The announcement fell upon the little circle in that rude-log cabin like a thunderbolt. I can remember the scene as if it were but yesterday;--how my father cried out against the cruel separation; his last kiss; his wild straining of my mother to his bosom; the solemn prayer to Heaven; the tears and sobs--the fearful anguish of broken hearts.

The last kiss, the last good-by; and he, my father, was gone, gone forever. The separation of the Hobbs family was not unique. Very few enslaved families survived intact and family separations through sale occurred frequently.


Enslaved parents lived in persistent fear that either themselves or their children could be sold away at any moment. These separations were usually permanent, as was the case with George Hobbs. Agnes and Elizabeth never saw him again, although he continued to correspond with them.

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This was a rarity for enslaved people because most were barred from learning to read and write, let alone send letters. One letter read:.

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Dear Wife: My dear beloved wife I am more than glad to meet with opportunity writee thes few lines to you by my Mistress I hope with gods helpe that I may be abble to rejoys with you on the earth and In heaven lets meet when will I am detemnid to nuver stope praying, not in this earth and I hope to praise god In glory there weel meet to part no more forever.

Robert was a Presbyterian minister and made very little money, meaning that Elizabeth was initially their only enslaved servant. Elizabeth was severely whipped, often with no discernible provocation. By this time Armistead Burwell had died, and Elizabeth and her son were sent to live with her former mistress, Mary, and her daughter and son-in-law Anne and Hugh A.

At this point she reunited with her mother. Due to financial hardships, Hugh Garland found himself on the brink of bankruptcy inplacing all of his property as collateral against his debts including his enslaved people. Searching for a new opportunity, Garland set out for St. Louis, Missouri in and the rest of the family, including Agnes and Elizabeth, followed a year later. When the family ed Garland in St. Louis, they found that his fortunes had not improved.

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No, a thousand times no! She worked in St. Louis for twelve years. It was there that she first caught the attention of a midwestern white woman named Mary Lincoln. Ina free Black man named James Keckly, who Elizabeth had met back in Virginia, traveled West and asked for her hand in marriage. At first, she refused to consider the proposal because she did not want to be married as an enslaved woman, knowing that any future children would be enslaved.

She decided to pursue her freedom, asking Mr. Garland if he would allow her to purchase herself and her son.

From slavery to the white house: the extraordinary life of elizabeth keckly

The recent Compromise of had resulted in the passage of a strengthened fugitive slave act. It is likely Garland agreed because she had faithfully served the family for many years and he knew how difficult it would be for her to raise that sum of money. Garland walked her down the aisle and the entire family celebrated.

However, married life soon soured for Keckly. She discovered that her new husband was not a free man but likely a fugitive slave. Elizabeth mentioned him sparingly in her memoir and he quickly faded from her life story. Although she supported the family with her seamstress business, she was still forced to keep up with the household chores for the Garlands and found it difficult to accumulate any savings.

Eventually, Mr. Louis to settle his debts. Armistead agreed to honor her original agreement with Hugh Garland. She still needed the money, so she decided to travel to New York in an attempt to raise the funds by appealing to vigilance committees, groups that existed in the North providing assistance to those hoping to achieve their freedom.

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As she prepared to leave, Mrs. Garland insisted that Keckly obtain the support of six men who could vouch for her and make up the lost money if she failed to return. She obtained the support of five men but could not convince a sixth.

A talented seamstress and savvy businesswoman, she catered to washington’s socialites

Luckily for Elizabeth, her loyal patrons stepped forward. With the help of a Mrs. Garland, of the County and City of St. After obtaining her freedom, Elizabeth decided to separate from her husband. She continued working in St.

Louis as a seamstress for several years, raising money to pay back the loans used to purchase her freedom. During this time, her mother died. Aggy had moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi to live with other Burwell relatives.


Louis in the spring of and moved to Washington, D. She was required to obtain a work permit and also had to find a white person to vouch that she was indeed a free woman. With a limited network in Washington, Elizabeth reached out to a client who started connecting her with many prominent southerners, including Varina Davis, wife of Mississippi Senator and future Confederate President Jefferson Davis. In her memoir, she recounts a conversation with Varina where she asked Elizabeth to accompany her back to the South, telling Elizabeth that there would be a war between the North and the South.

Elizabeth agreed to think over the proposal.

Why one sociologist says it’s time for black women to date white men

McClean wanted Elizabeth to make a dress for the following Sunday when she would be ing the Lincolns at the Willard Hotel. After Elizabeth refused the offer because of the short notice, Mrs. Well, I have it in my power to obtain you this privilege. I know Mrs.

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